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Barnes and Noble Will Carry O.J. Simpson Book

Barnes and Noble Will Carry OJ Simpson Book, If I Did It

After initially saying they would not carry the book due to lack of demand, Barnes and Noble has changed its mind, deciding that they will, in fact, stock copies of O.J.’s “fictional” account of how he “would have” killed Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman, if he did it.

I’m not sure how I feel about this. On one hand, we live in a country where censorship is, generally, frowned upon. O.J. has the right to pen this book and people have the right to read it. On the other hand, that doesn’t mean Barnes and Noble has to help distribute this guy’s message to the masses. It seems horribly disrespectful to the families of the victims — who someone definitely murdered.

What do you guys think?

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  • My opinion is yes, he is Allowed under the Constitution to write it, but anybody who buys it is out of their dang mind. I can’t imagine what kind of person would want to read it.

  • I think the family wants us to buy the book because the rights were given to them and they get all the profits from sales. At least that’s my understanding.

  • Laurie is right, the victims’ families will be getting the profits.

    I know people are going to say they wont’ buy it but it will sell. I’m sure its readers will whip out their DaVinci Code dustjackets and cover their shame when taking it on the bus.

  • Yes, the money is going to go to the families; send your donations to the Ron Goldman foundation or the Nicole brown foundation or directly to their families or a charity of your choice instead. DO NOT buy this book and give OJ any more press. I personally will no longer go to Barnes and Noble because of their decision to sell this book.

  • This is such an old story I can’t imagine anyone caring about this book. But good for B&N for opting to carry it. I’m sure they’re fully aware of the downside but are betting on enough true, god-fearing, Christian Americans who will definitely want to read this.

    Free enterprise at it’s finest.

  • What do I think? I think Barnes & Noble aren’t the only ones carrying the book. Heck, they even tried not to. That’s more than you can say for Amazon or Borders. Even beloved indy bookstores are carrying it, yet B&N gets singled out in article after article, blog after blog on the subject. Guess the big boys make a fair target. Are grown people no longer capable of deciding for themselves what they want to read? If you don’t like the book, news flash- you don’t have to read it. Why all the self-created drama? I think all Romance should be banned being that it’s all crappy, formulaic schlock. But instead of starting a movement about it, guess what? I just plain don’t read it! Works for me.

  • This killer has made his confession in the third person. We all knew he killed his wife but since our court system employed a judge that liked being on TV, justice was not served and the killer got away with murder. True justice will come when he will someday face his maker.