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Dancing With the “Stars”


As you all know the T is a big fan of DWTS. I am in love with Apolo Anton Ohno and really last year his adorable mug kept me watching each week.

This year we have an interesting group of kids dancing for us…here is the list.

Mel B aka “Scary Spice”– Singer

Marie Osmond – Singer/Entertainer

Floyd Mayweather
– Heavyweight Boxing Champion

Helio Castronetes – Race Car Driver

Jennie Garth – Actress

Cameron Mathison – Actor, “All My Children”

Albert Reed – Model

Jane Seymour – Actress

Sabrina Bryan
– Actress, “Cheetah Girls”

Mark Cuban – Owner, Dallas Mavericks

Joise Maran – Model

Wayne Newton – Entertainer

I have met Cameron Mathison and he makes me super excited because ladies…he is a dreamboat. Mark Cuban should be amusing as he is always quite animated during Mavericks games. Jennie Garth fills the new “90210” slot…I promise you next year we will have Gabrielle Carteris. The real shocker is Wayne Newton. He is of course going to be paired with some hottie dancer and stay through the competition longer than he should because he will be the loveable old guy. Mel B is a bit of a shocker since the Spice Girls are getting ready for their world tour but it should be some good free press for them.

DWTS premieres Monday Sept 4th 8/7c

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  • My predictions.. Heliio Castronetes? Racing is kinda seen as bad and dangerous right now. Jennie Garth is too frail and whimpy to actually compete. Marie is too fat and prissy to limbo.. waltz, jive or even samba.. Jane Seymour must remove the stick from up her rear! Wayne Newton is now a chinese fe-male zombified.. what to wear and partner he-she with? Um, now that’s just wrong. Floyd is a crowd pleaser or he will beat the heck out of you.. Scary spice is just that.. too much scary and already despised. Mark Cuban is gonna win because he has the best winner name.. Cameron Mathison – Actor, “All My Children” and
    Albert Reed – Model.. get real.. sissy!Joise Maran – Model worst winner name. Sabrina Bryan – Actress, “Cheetah Girls” who dat? Disney creature.. H-E-B commercial singing and dancing to BYou? Woof!