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Carey Hart Says Everything’s Fine with Pink Marriage


Rumors swirled last week that motorcrosser/tattoo parlor owner/reality TV star/husband of Pink Carey Hart was cheating on his woman.

“He had a cute blonde in a tight dress sitting on his lap all night. They were laughing and drinking vodka with her arms wrapped around him in a corner VIP booth,” a source told Star Magazine.

Now Carey is fighting back against the rumors.

It’s “just a bunch of trash talk,” he tells the Las Vegas Review-Journal. “It’s just a nasty rumor. Everything’s fine.”

See, I don’t buy this. Why on earth would people be planting nasty rumors about Carey Hart? No one really cares about him, or about Pink, anymore. No one has any reason to make this shit up. It’s just barely interesting. If anyone planted this rumor, it was Carey and Pink.

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  • I LOVE pink…i think she and corey love each other, she is such a free spirit, i think it must be true love for her to settle down…i know she’s had flings with women in the past, but i seriously doubt she’d be OK with him stepping out why she was out of the country, working her ass off…on the flip side, i don’t believe he woudl be stupid enough to be all over some girl at a club, people can clandestinely take pictures, she’d know before the sun rose.

    I’ve been coming here long enough now that I’m beginning to be able to tell the writers apart, yay.

  • to start of P!nk is NOT a stupid girl. WHO CARES if she changed her mind she has a right u stupid ppl she flippin married to the guy and maybe if he knew how lucky he was to be married to her he wouldnt do this shit or make it up w/e

    loraine ur an idiot everyone gives a rats about pink,

    so what if she hetero, homo or bi? whats it to you? who died and made you god?

    you should all go shove ur big noses in someone else’s bussines


  • I am 100percent backing ‘who ever wrote this article is a friggin idiot’

    The knob head who wrote this seriously needs to sort their act out. P!nk is an effing legend and theres no arguing with that. I wish people would back off!

    So f**king what if she has an open relationship, it’s not our business so we should keep out. Plus Carey is cheating then he’s the cock not her. She knows what she’s doing, she’s, as mentioned above, NOT a stupid girl.

    Leave em’ be!

  • hihi, i think you are stupid. i dont care about those freaking celebs and their affairs and neither should you. you stink

    • Lol well put. It’s ok to like someone’s music, but to obsess like some ppl do is just nuts. who gives a shit who they’re married to / sleeping with / etc. They’re still people, and no one wants to write stories about who we normal people sleep with, so why should we have to hear about celebrity sex scandals? Know what? I’d like to hear a story in my local newspaper about a local girl showing up on an amatuer porn site, or in Playboy.. something like that. Now THAT would surprise me.

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  • ok all of you that r dissin p!nk can FuCkInG kiss my muther fuckin ass k pink is a human just like the rest of us so y dont you stop fukin gossiping about her and get along with your boring lives or maybe you just dont have one at all!! i heard that they were giving them out free on the corner :)
    oh and i totally agree with the people that were sticking up 4 P!nk!!!!<\m/ rock on bitches!!!

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