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Naomi Watts with No Make-Up



Leaving Taverna Tony in Malibu last night.

It’s not really a hot-spot, so she probably wasn’t expecting paparazzi. But don’t these celebs know not to leave the house without make-up? You never know who’s watching!!

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  • she has good skin and is a natural blond. i think she looks fine and way more real than a lot of others out there

  • get real!. Love her for her performances not her fu****g “lack of paint in her face!” How real is that anyway?! Stop judging people, whoever they are! We have to learn how to appreciate talent, creativity and humanism,! That’s what matters. WHO are you as a human being, not WHAT are you in the lens of a paparazzi…

  • I think she looks okay. Its not thaaaaat beautiful, but she’s not ugly. So… You can see: She only uses Lipstick and eyeshadow

    She is NOT A GHOST or something like this… -.-


  • Wow . Hey gotta tell ya’ll . She looks fine without makeup . Similar looking to my wife Danish (natural blonde) .I think they look amazing without all the face paint .

  • I’m a pro photographer. Take any gorgeous women on the street, remove the face paint, throw them in front of a harsh flash at 12 megapixels….see how the fair. You might be surprised just how bad. Who cares! Love Naomi. To those with a negative: How would you do with 30 flashes suddenly going all at once and arseholes yelling your name like they know you? Personally I would look like crap and behave badly.

  • That´s strange..She doesn´t look like Naomi Watts, it seems like it can´t be her..
    I saw this scene however, she was coming out from a restaurant and was pretty tormented by all the paparazzi bothering her and the baby!

  • She actually looks pretty good. Most actresses her age look terrible without make up. She definitely looks great considering all the stress being hounded by all those people would cause, you’d think she’d have more worry lines.

  • It’s sad how many people have been brainwashed. She’s not bad looking, this is what women look like without makeup.

  • she looks so hot i want to see her homeless and adopt her and have sex every night and i will fuck more than her husband’s fucked her

  • i would like to see her homelees and naked and adopt her and have sex with her every night she looks real hot with and without make up i would fuck her more than Liev has

  • did she really want to kiss adrian brody in king kong she could have kissed me and i could stick my pecker up her ass tat would feel great we would sleep like that