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But What I Really Want to do Is SING!

Singing Lindsay

Ok, so since Lindsay Lohan is pretty much uninsurable in the movie biz she has decided to give the whole “singer” thing another go.

I have to admit I did buy a few Lindsay Lohan singles off iTunes…but really for a dollar I would buy about anything. I have to stay away from those dollar stores or else I come home with 50 printed pot-holders and nowhere to put them.

Anyway, Lindsay has a lot to “write” about now. Unlike Kelly Clarkson who tried to write an angry deep album and kept pushing the fact that she had some dark angry times in her post-Idol life Lindsay has been passed around every bad boy in Hollywood, gone through a serious drug problem and his rehab three times. In the game of who has more dark times to write about she totally wins.

I’m really excited about this. Yes, that makes me feel a bit dirty.

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