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Kim Kardashian Says She Does Not Have a Butt Implant

“Everyone now says I have a fake butt or butt implant. I’m Armenian; you should see all the women in my family. The women have bigger breasts and bigger butts. That’s how I was born. I can’t help it. I’m not gonna fight it. I definitely need to work out more and tone up, but I’m proud of my body … [but] I’m not against [plastic surgery].”

Kim Kardashian, to King magazine

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  • Hmmm….

    My parents’ best friends are an Armenian couple, and they have two older daughters. Both daughters have smaller breasts and absolutely no butts at all. I have also met the sisters of my parents’ friends, and they too, are flat chested with no rear ends at all!

  • It doesn’t ‘the hell’ matter what she consideres as obvious female Amenian traits by her own grotesque poses.. she is explicitly dressing to sell her big butt and breasts for money, and I don’t think that is what being an Amenian female is all about.

  • No kidding. Every picture of her has her sticking her ass out and making a porn face. Stop writing anything about her. As annoying as endless Paris and Lindsay shit is, I know (sadly) there are people out there who actually care. I’m pretty sure there’s no one out there that cares about Kim Kardashian. No fanbase, no weird middle-aged freak, no one.

  • I have no problem with her ass; it’s the words that come out of her face that I have a problem with.

  • I am SICK of looking at her ass all the time – does she ever pose front side front? Jesus, not everyone is impressed by that ass, put it away.

  • YOU GUYS ARE ALL JEALOUS BITCHEZZZ…. Armenian Women Mainly have big butts n boobs. just cuz two armenians u know dont have it dont mean that hers is fake. jsut like not every black girl has an ass not all armenians do either. but her ass is REAL. n everyone loves it so stop hatttiiinnnnn.

  • ur all jelus cuz u don’t have one, at least she has, doesn’t matter wheather it’s fake or real, but i think it’s real. if anyone talks any shit about armenian, den ur a mother fucker, cuz NOONE MESSES WITH ARMENIANS! n i don’t c u bragging about jennifer lopez who has a fake ass, n an uglier face den my shit, u had 2 bring it down on kim. i’m armenian, n i know lots n lots of armenian who have perfect bodies, so u all (exept dose who said good things) should stop talking bullshit!

  • you are all retarded for even defending or dissing her. point blank all of you have no existence in her life whatsoever. if you were burning in a fire im pretty sure she would not take the time out to save your ass. focus your attention elsewhere.

  • It really doesn’t matter if her ass is fake or not it’s hers. Why do y’all care? Obviously that’s all she’s about is her body, no wonder why she isn’t getting the respect she is getting. She’s all about her body. I wonder if she has any brains. Probably not but that’s a different story. Apparently she’s using her looks to climb the A-list ladder but as you see that will never happen. Me, My mother is West Indian and I have an ass, a nice shapely one. More peach-shaped. But it is obvious kim is sticking her ass out in photos to make it look bigger, because it looks much smaller than how it looks in photos. I’m not hating because I got a body of my own, thank’s to my West Indian ancestors.

  • And for the record Hayem J. Lo’s ass is not fake neither is Beyonce’s. And J.Lo is far from ugly, at least she has more class than Kim.

  • You guys are all nuts. Kim Kardashian has one hot butt. She can advertise it anytime she wants. I will always look. If you do not like her butt and breasts, go look at someone else. My only regret, she needs more pics. Kim, your hot……..

  • who cares about her ass, if it’s real or not. I feel lame for commenting.
    In the end, will any of you get to see it up close and personal – NOPE.

  • hey there how are you i just wanted to say that your perfect and u are so beautiful cause your armenian and we should be proud and no matter how big is your ass i like you cause your armenian just like me:P

  • if her butt’s too big,….you’re too gay.
    The only people that have a problem with her ass are flat assed women hating on her and the fruity guys who love them.
    I look at her ass, and it’s not even a asthetic thing, I am biologically drawn to it.

  • I’m Armenian , and yes by heredity a lot of my family has big butts; as for breasts, there is no general shape or form. Breasts range from AAA to DD. I come a HUGE Armenian family, so I can support Kim Kardashian on that. Yet, I do not agree with her accentuating her already large butt, by posing in the fashion she does.

  • Armenian woman are beautiful. I love their dark dark hair and fair complexions. Sometimes a little hairy but that’s ok.. for they have wonderful skin and body structures. And yes, I think that is her ass. Sure she flaunts it, but they say if you got it.. Also I really just enjoy their facial features. They have a tendency to date within in their race, but that is understandable due to the population genocide around the early 1900’s ‘trying to increase numbers within the race’.

  • wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww i would butter that all day

  • hey guyz jst stop commenting so much abt kim’s ass…..itz very much real for sure….cz i have been screwin it every night ….so guyz i kno the best !!!!
    lemme guarantee u that i have nvr seen a bettr ass bfore …
    n yeah only i hv seen wotz below …so u see…no use bloody speculating about wotz below her dress….!!!
    yeah i would b fuckn hr ass evn tonight…n itz this exercise that keeps it so perfect….
    it anybody wants an ass as good as hrs….plzz lemme kno!!!

  • i’m Armenian.. i have a big butt & no boobs.. it’s all in the matters of how you were blessed. I love Kim Kardashian, great style icon and very beautiful armenian woman!

  • You guys need stop hating Armenians are the hottest girls ever we got the perfect body and the pretty face so fuck u hatters kim baby keep doing your thang wit ur sexy self kyankkkkkkkkkk muahhh

  • she is pretty and i am happy you armenian girls have a sex tape slut with no talent to look up to go figure….she flaunts her ass cause thats all she has for the record i am not hating i am a black woman i have more ass the probably another one on this blog and i am a dancer so i am in really good shape so i have not reason to hate on but this is my opinion if i could make money for absolutely nothing like she does i would. And to that bitch who said jlo is ugly fuck you jlo is beautiful and her ass looks natural if kim did no one would say shit, but it don’t she is pretty i give her that and it could be real it just i around real ass allday a none of them look like hers, jlo is talented along with her ass she is famous for a reason, unlike kim. you armenian womens should find a new rolemodel. i am a black women but i don’t look up to all famous black women, some are trashy just like kim.


  • She is fantastic. If she comes to Mumbai, India she will get lead roles in movies. She is so beautiful. Her main asset being that butt why should she be ashamed or disheartened. Come to India. She will be honoured here.

  • well i think she’s a beautiful girl with curves but some people want to hate because they have no life. i think it’s a shame that all she’s famous for a sex tape and her ass but she’s moved on from it and doing something else with her life other than worry about her sex tape. i have a butt but not as big as hell but if you got it flaunt it. she shouldn’t be ashamed the fact she got a big ass. if people can’t stand to look at her then why be on sites talking shit about someone you don’t know but then again you don’t have a life. i’m a black woman myself and i don’t hate on no one but i don’t be on sites wasting my time talking shit about someone i don’t know. stop hating because you just being making her more famous.

  • real or not ,i don´t know and i dont give a shit all i know is that it looks nice even though she gets nasty cold sores whenever she gets her disgusting herpes outbreaks….try living with that, nasty skank

  • you all some crazy jealous bitches.. look where you live and where she lives, you stupid ghetto, trashy pieces of garbage!

  • butt is obviously inflated. it’s not proportional to her body. there are also before and after pics out on the web. either way, i think she’s gorgeous. i wouldn’t credit all of her looks to being armenian, though. she looks like a spitting image of her irish mother, though just a little more tan.