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Amy Winehouse: Finally in Rehab

Amy Winehouse Checks into Priory Rehab Center in London

You know how I’m not going to start this story?

“They tried to make her go to rehab, she said …” or anything along those lines, because I just can’t bring myself to do that.

Thankfully, though, Amy Winehouse finally brought herself to check into a drug and alcohol rehab. After what can only be described as a torrential string of concert cancellations and a recent hospitalization after a drug and alcohol binge, The Mirror is reporting that Winehouse has checked into the U.K.’s Priory rehab center in London.

“It’s not an exaggeration to say that unless she sorts herself out, this relentless dalliance with drink and drugs will only have one ending. And it won’t be happy. It’s time for some tough love which is why we’ve taken her to get help,” says a close friend.

When Amy arrived at The Priory, “she looked in a terrible state, she could barely walk,” says a source. She reportedly has a private wing at the center, and her parents are there with her.

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  • Glad she’s getting help. Her stylist needs rehab too. And somebody call the dayum dentist. With a quickness.

  • I am a functional drug addict because of rehab. And also because I’m not rich. Good luck with that, Amy.

  • ha ha . dude that’s funny. But hey when u sing a song like that, what do u expect? I hope she does well for herself.

  • MATT ..u idiot its cuz her pants are too big & shes so skinny.
    tip for u to make u look just as big.

  • I’ve been to rehab and honestly if you’re not ready to stop it’s just a waste of time. party hard!

  • ha ha . dude that’s funny. But hey when u sing a song like that, what do u expect? I hope she does well for herself.

    je t’aime soufiane

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