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Gwen Stefani is Still Breast-feeding

Gwen Stefani Still Breast-Feeding Her Son Kingston

In a recent interview, the singer/designer admitted that she still breastfeeds her son, Kingston, who was born in May 2006. “I don’t know when I’m going to stop breast-feeding,” she says. “I’ll just keep going while I can – like, he’s getting his teeth, so it is a little bit scary. He’s bitten me a few times.”

I don’t know anything about raising kids, but aren’t you supposed to stop breast-feeding after a year or so? Especially when the kid’s biting your tits? I wonder how Gavin feels about all this. It’s supposed to be his job to bite her nipples.

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  • 14-15 months old not so unusual to still be on the boob. It’s nice to see a celeb who actually cares about doing what’s best for their kiddo.

  • In Japan they breastfeed until age seven. Gwen is still within the acceptable range. Plus, I love her. Forever!

  • Yes, this is normal. My daughter is only one month younger, and I still breastfeed.

    Nutritionally speaking it isn’t needed…. but to instill security and bonding, it’s a good thing.

  • i know the reccomend til two years here in canada. helps with immune system and apparently intelligence… i must have been bottle fed cuz im smart as a post.

  • I breast fed until my boy was almost 3, Im in the UK, lots of people here dont even go until 1st b’day and most stopping at 3 or 6 months.

  • But Muffy, think if you were titty fed until puberty… You could have been 3 IQ points higher! Shame on your parents!

  • My child will be three soon and he is still breastfeeding. I never thought I would do this this long, but it is completely natural at that age and still very beneficial for the child’s immune system. Good for Stefani for breastfeeding past one and talking about it, especially with bad examples like Jordan who publicly endorses formula and says she wouldn’t want a child on her breast. (Not that there’s anything wrong with formula, or with weaning earlier, just that it is natural and healthy to breastfeed past infancy.)

    Here’s a good article about self-weaning:

  • i think jordan doesnt have the kids on the boob for fear of her implants. that shit is toxic and risky for breast feeding

  • um seriously, how can you people sit here and say.. “yeah my child is 3 and i still breastfeed”.. like its no big deal. when a kid is old enough to ask for your boob in its mouth there is a problem! regardless if you think its natural or not, there should be limits to the humiliation you’ll put your child through (think about later in life when you’re bragging to his/her new partner about how long he/she was on mommy’s boob, *shudder*)

    it instills security and bonding, you’ve got to be kidding me! if your child is not secure or bonded to you at age 3 YOURE the one with the problem!! give that child a sippy cup and call it a day!

  • Breastfeeding is the best thing you can do for your child!!! I am still breastfeeing my 12 month old, and do not plan on stopping anytime soon. I think it is terrible that some people choose not to. In some cases of course, there are problems or the mother doesn’t have the production- but just to CHOOSE not to, I don’t understand. It sets the foundation for your childs health for the rest of their lives. How can a 3 year old be humiliated??? And how many people later in life do you tell… “oh i was breastfed until i was 3”?? It is something that is rarely ever even told- it isn’t like the child, at 3 is going to remember anyways. Some of these comments on here are ridiculous! Stop making excuses for your laziness!

  • Back in early April, Gwen was open about her nursing experiences with Kingston — then 10 months — telling an Australian reporter in a just-released news piece,

    “Breastfeeding is just obviously really convenient with my lifestyle. I don’t know when I’m going to stop [nursing]. I’ll just keep going while I can — he’s getting his teeth so it is a little bit scary. He’s bitten me a few times!”

    She now confides that ‘I only stopped nursing a few weeks ago’ at 13 months, having made it a bit over a full year.

    “The breastfeeding is over, thank you! That was really fun, I really enjoyed that…but it’s over.”

  • Of course she’s still breast feeding! If the little ape wasn’t suckin on her titties then she would revert back to having the chest of a 12 year old boy! Yes, Gwen. Tit’s rock, and you have none. Cope.

  • Michael Jordan’s mother readily admits she breastfed him until he was 3. He doesn’t seem too humiliated by it.

  • The World Health Organisation recommends Breast feeding ’til at least two, even in a Western culture. Many mothers do feed until well over 1 year old, and it is about time a celebrity (and a damn glamorous one at that!) was brave enough to publicly endorse it.
    Breast feeding is not, weird, sick, or humiliating. My mother BF my brother til he was three. He is 21 now and Im sure he doesnt bring it up down the pub, not because he’s embarressed but because it’s in the past. Nothing to say.
    And as far as people who talk about it being ‘unatural’, lets have a look at representatives of both Formula and BF. Who do you think is more ‘natural’- Jordan or Gwen??????

  • How long a mother breastfeeds is up to the mother and her child, and it’s no one else’s business. It’s very sad how our culture tends to sexualize breastfeeding.

  • Good to see that ignorance about breastfeeding is still alive and well.

    Current recommendations on nursing by every health organization in the world state until age two MINIMUM and then until mutually desired by both partners in the nursing dyad. Most children will happily nurse well into toddlerhood and the nutritional and immunological benefits NEVER go away.

    Those that think it’s got something to do with sex are the disgusting ones, not I.

  • “It sets the foundation for your childs health for the rest of their lives”
    What a load of crap.I was not breastfed and have never been sick(apart for the common cold)a day in my life.I’m a personal trainer and also work for a law firm and very smart.To here all this about the baby’s health and bonding,get over it.If a women desides not to breastfeed thats her right.And with todays formula’s i hate to say it to you women who think what a wonderful thing you are doing,but baby’s are getting alot more of what they need from formula then a boob.Instead of making yourselves feel good,think of your child and get them on formula.
    They will be alot better off in no time.

  • HELLO people you are soooooooooooooooo stupid yeah the formula today is really good but the boob is so much better for the kid the formula has the basic nutrients the boob has all of the nutritional things for the particular kid from the particular mom that will help it grow up healthy and strong it also helps early motor skills BUT it doesn’t make them smarter I was adopted and all of my teachers tell me that I have the most potential that they have seen in a long time and that if i tried that i could do anything that I wanted. It is only for the nutritional values that are best for your kid and only your kid I know this because I have a niece.

  • I am a mother who is still BF a toddler of 2 1/2 years. He is slowly self weaning and that is fine with both of us. I get criticism every day from folks and it is NONE OF THIER BUSINESS! It is something between my child and me. Period! End of story! My son is smart and very sociable. Sure Formula has some of the same nutrients etc that BM has but it will never replace what mother nature provides au natural! I can understand why some folks would chose not to and I am sorry for moms who try and can’t. I never planned on nursing after 1yr but as time went on I found it a very natural bonding and calming/comforting for my son. I am raising a well adjusted and happy child and nothing critics can say will change my mind because THEY ARENT ME therefor have no room to speak for me. Period!

  • Breastfeeding is the best thing that any mother can do for their child. I am currently breastfeeding a 6.5 month old baby, and now she is started on solid food, her desire for ‘boob’ is diminishing during the day, but not in the evening, or first thing in the morning. I hope she will completely self-wean by one year (at least during the day) as I have to return to work. But if she doesn’t I’ll express at work and her caregivers will give her it in a bottle. No question about it.

    Message to Effingsick: Formula adverts are banned for a reason you know! It is the next thing to breast milk for those who can’t (or won’t) breast feed, but it is the poor relative in large scheme of things. That’s why (here in the UK at least) there are all sorts of family friendly work policies in place to allow a breastfeeding mum to express milk at work, provide her with a comfortable lockable room, and fridge facilities for storing it. Employers realise that more sick days will be lost if they DON’T allow her to do this (ie, with her child being ill) therefore it has become an in-built part of the policy of most places of employment. Also, please realise, a mother and child’s breastfeeding relationship is something that only a mother and child should have an opinion about. How does it affect you or anyone else?

  • ps – You’ll have heard the debate about whether or not breastfed babies are smarter?? Well, I don’t know if it’s the breastmilk that makes them smart (as there are certainly plenty smart adults who were bottlefed). I think it comes down to genetics. Smart parents choose to breastfeed, and smart parents pass down their smart genes to their offspring.

  • Artificial baby milk is made from either cows, soy or meat products and in no way resembles human milk in any way shape or form. Gwen Stafani is fully informed of the risks of artificially feeding her baby and since she is not sharing the risks I will. Baby is more likely to develop insulin dependent diabetes and allergies (particularly if it is in the family already). Baby is at higher risk for leukemia, lymphoma, gastrointestinal illnesses short term and long term (colitis, celiac disease, crohn’s disease). Mothers and their breastfed daughter are at a lower risk for developing breast cancer. Baby is less likely to dies of SIDS. Fatty acids in breast milk (100’s of them) cannot be replicated in formula (except DHA with fungus or some other thing) and aids in baby’s neurological development. Studies have shown that the longer a child is breastfed the better they perform at school. Studies abound in exclusively breastfed babies to prove all of the above and more, but pharmaceutical companies heavily lobby the government to prevent this information from reaching the general public because they have millions of dollars to lose when people finally get smart to the risks of formula feeding. It’s just a matter of time before people find out they have been duped for too long. Educate yourself before you make any decision and don’t get your education from the company that sells the product you plan to use!

  • you were obviously NOT breast fed. I can tell by your lack of intelligence.

    Human babies are meant to breast feed. And meant to be weaned between 2-7 years of age.

    Take an anthropology class.

    Also, the world health organization recommends mothers breast feed for AT LEAST two years.

    Go Gwen for having a brain!

  • i got bored of reading comments half way through, shit the editor or whatever CLEARLY dont know how the fuck to raise a kid, there are ppl that get raised into years of 7 and older that are still on the boob, so really anything under that is acceptable so get the fuck pber yaself you just so damn jealous u cant suck on them, stop the frigin hating your just naive you stupid immature idiotic human being, when u finally have kids (GOD FORBID) you might just wanna breast feed that little bit long than she did but SHIT then u would be unacceptable….wouldnt ya no

  • People commenting about how bf isn’t nutritionally beneficial past a year are wrong. It is. The world health organization recommends nursing until AT LEAST 2 years of age. Here in America, they recommend AT LEAST one year. And yes, smart parents choose to breastfeed. Interesting, isn’t it. There are people who, despite being formula fed, are smart. Of course. There are abused children who turn out all right, too. If you’re so smart, I think you should be able to understand basic statistics and that breastfed babies are statistically healthier. That might be too much to ask. If you can’t bother to truly educate yourself and see how different formula and breastmilk are, please don’t comment. You yourself might be healthy, but that’s not typical of a formula fed child. Google the statistics of cancers, obesity, asthma, digestive problems and any other disease you can think of. It’s really astounding.

  • I still breastfeed my 13 year old and you might think im a freak but hes the smartest kid in his class so think im a freak but im not







    Thank you too the people who are trying to beat some sense into some of these batshit people!

    • Seriously? You astonish me with your post. Look up the World Health Organisation or ask any Dr what they think of breastmilk. We are humans. We make human milk. If you think feeding a human baby the nipple secretions of a big fat cow are better than their own mother’s organic milk they you are crazy. If you care about the human race..which includes our health (not just babies benefit from it..women are far less likely to get breast or ovarian cancer if they have breastfed) then you might want to do a bit of research before spouting out your revolting, ignorant ramblings.

      How old are you 13? Are you a little boy that’s mother doesn’t love you?

  • You know, until they are one or so, great, have at it!

    After that, your just being gross. They need to start getting more for their growing bodies, not to mention that the person not making them stop has some mental problems because at some point the kid is going to realize that their is something sexual about sucking peoples boobs and if they did it until they were old enough that they REMEMBER doing it (and they are normal) they are going to be REVOLTED and REPULSED because that is NORMAL.

    C’mon people. Give it up. We all know the reason that you breast feed so long is that you want a bigger breast. But when you eventually stop, heres some funny news, the longer you did it the saggier and more revolting your breast is going to be. So the jokes on you!

    • you really think there is something sexual about a baby or toddler sucking on a boob? i think you are the perv here mister…. i think YOU are the one with issues regarding a perfectly natural developmental human experience…

    • another moron chante chante. Until you or someone you are close to does it then you’ll never know.

      You repulse me – did your mother not breast feed you….maybe that’s what you and these other people who hate breastfeeding secretly wish they were breastfed as a child.

      So go suck on that.

      • Do you think they are still waiting here to talk to you, four years after they made their comment?

  • Personally I don’t think I’ll do it. (I don’t think I’ll ever have a kid either though) I don’t think there is some ‘magical mystic boob sekret n00rishment’ that nothing else has. That’s bologna. This is modern day not the stone ages. But you know, I have nothing against people who do it for a REASONable amount of time, ie, 0-1/1.2 or at the latest 2

    But for all you people who are saying that you will breastfeed your kid until your blue in the face and you have no clue as to when you’ll stop? Stop being lude. At some point your kid is going to realize, “Hey, I’m sucking on a boob!” and your going to want to stop before the kid comes to that realization! Also, the child needs more than breast milk and once the child can eat other nourishing food groups, there is no longer any need for your forcing your nasty tit down your childs throat.

    Keep in mind *reffering to the above comment* that once you do stop? (and trust me, for all you people who think you are just gonna GO and GO, you will have to stop at some point) your tit will be twice as saggy and deconstructed than it would have been had you stopped at a reasonable time. So keep that in mind if you are b. feeding for the sole purpose having bigger tits; and trust me, if you are, no ones looking, they are probably just revolted that THAT weirdo Meg or Sarah is STILL feeding little five year old Timmy.

  • Oh My God is all i can say… is one thing to have a differance of opinions but the last few comments disgust me! if your mind is that sick and twisted that you relate breastfeeding to sexual molestation then you are the sick twisted one.

    Without social pressures the actual “natural” age to wean a child from the breast is FOUR! yes 4years of age. that is what is natural

    breasts were created for feeding a child not as sex toys for men. just because they have been sexualised does not make them redundant in there original purpose….

    and i ask you if breastfeeding is for the mothers ‘pleasure’ then surely birth should be a form of molestation aswell coming out through the vagina…maybe we should all have our babies cut out with a scalpel that would be far more natural.

    as for continueing to keep/make your breasts bigger what a load of shit! everyone i know has reverted back to same or close to pre feeding size after about 9months of feeding…..

    Thank you Gwen i only wish more celebrities would celebrate their Breastfeeding but with the responses on this page i am not surprised you are made to feel shame and guilt for doing the NORMAL and NATURAL thing our bodies were created to do…..seriouslly grrrr

    • awesome reply! thank you soooo much!!! you are beautiful!!!
      god made boobs to feed little babies… you see it in ALL mammals… perverted men sexualized them and used their dominance to stifle and keep to themselves what they so pervertedly coveted!!!!

  • A huge round of applause for Gwen!! We need more celebrities like her talking openly about breastfeeding and makeing people realize that breastfeeding IS normal, and breastfeeding a child until they are ready to wean IS normal. People, the World Health Organization and every other major Health/Medical organization on the planet advocate that all babies should be exclusively breastfed for at least 6 months, and that breastfeeding should continue to the age of 2 year and beyond. THis isnt’ just some hippy movement. This is scientific fact based an massive amounts of research. Breast really IS best.

  • Human milk is the biological expectation of human babies. Why would I give my child milk that is intended for a 200 pound animal with 2 stomachs when my own breasts produce the perfect milk for him/her? And why would I force her to stop before nature intends him/her to satisfy the twisted patriarchal value that is put on my breasts as nothing but a sex toy.

    Newsflash people…we are mammals, and thus have mammaries that produce milk to feed our offsping. Said offspring are biologically designed to wean well into childhood…not to be taken off the breast and put on cows milk.

    Babies and children do not understand our sexual obsession so I don’t know why people insist on forcing their own distorted views of the human body and sexuality on innocent children. They are just doing what nature intends for them to survive and reach optimal health and development.

  • I had to laugh at the comment claiming to be by the “voice of reason” saying, “At some point your kid is going to realize, “Hey, I’m sucking on a boob!””

    Gosh, I hope my kids never realize how breastfeeding works! I’m going to tell all my kids that I nursed them with my big toe so that they don’t get any fucked-up ideas about the human body!


    Does anyone think it’s possible that a kid who nurses until he’s old enough to form thoughts like “I’m sucking on a boob” might, just MIGHT, grow up to think of breasts as wholesome sources of nourishment and comfort instead of sexual funbags? In what world is that a bad thing?

    • “Does anyone think it’s possible that a kid who nurses until he’s old enough to form thoughts like “I’m sucking on a boob” might, just MIGHT, grow up to think of breasts as wholesome sources of nourishment and comfort instead of sexual funbags? In what world is that a bad thing?”

      totally awesome post!!!
      what she said^

  • People, first off, the most intelligent of comments can come off as uneducated and ill-informed if you don’t check your spelling. I don’t care if you are a so-called lawyer or a service worker, if you can’t spell correctly or clearly articulate a thought, you are not showing your intelligence.

    Now please, stop with the disgusting comparisons and accusations of what breastfeeding is or isn’t. Calling people sick and other various names is not appropriate behaviour and it is surely not intelligent, more so the raving of a lunatic with sexual issues.

    Breastfeeding IS the best thing for human babies, it is recommended for up to 2 years and beyond. Formula IS a second-rate breastmilk substitute, full of additives that are not better for human babies. Formula can NEVER replace breastmilk and since manufacturers do not have to fully label what goes into their products, you don’t really know what is in there – hello melamine in Chinese formula!!!!! Babies are not getting more that is good for them from formula, they are certainly getting more but not necessarily more of what you would want them to have or what they should have. Breastmilk is a perfectly, whole food for human babies, made specifically for each baby based on their nurtrient needs at that stage of development, formula can’t do that, only breastmilk can.

    If you feel that breasts are are nasty and vile, regardless of sag, you have sexual issues that are not relevant to this discussion. Get some help.

  • We have to do more to encourage women to breastfeed. It is not only perfect for optimum health of our children ..but also women. It reduces the risk of breast and ovarian cancer.

    It is ALSO environmentally friendly. No methane producing cows needed…no damage to the earth from production, packaging or distribution!! AND no disposal of waste accessories needed.

    Do all you can to promote, encourage and support women to feed their OWN young…the organic milk they deserve!

  • Wow there are some ignorant people on here. Clearly these morons think they know better than the World Health Organisation who recommend breastfeeding until at LEAST 2 years of age for maximum health benefits.

    I think those who see the breast as purely sexual are the ones who are sick rather than those using them for what they were designed for.

    I am very proud to have breastfed my daughter until she self weaned at 2 years 4 months and for the last 7 months of those I was tandem feeding with my son.

    I know I gave them the best start possible so hopefully they will grow up with more of an idea of what is normal than some of you lot

  • I am surprised at the amount of trolls in this thread. Breast milk is healthy, full of nutrients and DHA, 100% natural/organic, and best of all, FREE. Nothing comes close to this super drink except formula, which costs an arm and a leg. If you have it, why would you deprive your developing child from drinking it, at any age?

    Breastfeeding is not embarrassing. Having your children grow up and not meet their full developmental potential, for something FREE, is the embarrassing thing here.