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I Guess That Was Luke Wilson’s Real Phone Number

Luke Wilson’s Phone Number, Prank by Johnny Knoxville

From Page Six:

LUKE Wilson had to change his cellphone number this weekend, thanks to an annoying prank by his pal Johnny Knoxville. The “Jackass” star found out Wilson was going to hang out at the Polaroid Beach House in Malibu for the Boost Mobile party Saturday and hired a plane to hover above the place with a banner that read: “Luke Wilson’s phone number 3105000082.” Apparently, it was his real number. It’s now out of service. But Wilson decided not to hang at the beach, probably because he had to deal with all the annoying calls.

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  • do these two have beef? cuz that’s pressed hashed; wouldn’t he have to pay overage charges? i’m sure he received thousands of calls, that’s gotta add up!

  • This is so anoying, my friend is dateing luke wilson and i hung out with him all of july and he is a really nice guy. I think you people need to get a llife and wory about yourselves more than other people

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