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Britney Spears Filming New Music Video Today

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It looks like Britney Spears is moving full-speed ahead with her comeback. Word on the street is that Britney is filming the music video for her comeback single, “Get Back,” today in LA. A casting notice went out earlier in the week:

Casting music video for major recording star!

Please reply with a photo with your age, height and other specifics if you’d like to be an extra in a one day music video for an established major pop music star. We’re looking for attractive, hip, fashionable, and enthusiastic people ages 21 to 30 to act as bar patrons. The shoot hours will be 12 PM to 12 AM. Compensation is pro bono, however, food and drinks will be provided. This is a one day shoot with a fun and lively crew. A good time will be had by all! This is a great opportunity to be an extra in a big music video with a very well known artist. A confidentiality agreement must be signed if you are chosen.

So she’s making them sign NDAs, but she’s not going to pay them. Sweet deal. Actually, you know what? I’d totally do it, just to say I was a part of the ugliest comeback attempt in the history of pop music. If the recent photos of Britney are any indication, this girl is in no shape to film a music video. Your career is kind of like your hair, Britney — you can try to extend it, but when there’s hardly anything there to start with, the end result’s going to be ugly.

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  • It will break records on YouTube with parodies.. making fun of disasterous pop-star trainwreak for a week no doubt and Britney will get paid pro bono for her humilation over and over again.. heh!

  • Oh DiamondSal I didn’t even think about that. That is soo true! ha ha I was too busy eagerly awaiting the album release and the headlines – BRITNEY ALBUM TANKS. You see. Britney’s last big album sold 750K first week. And everyone thought THAT was not so good. Because the other ones were 1 mil first week. AND that last tour, she wasn’t SELLING OUT the arenas. They say she would come out and see the stage was only 3/4 full run off crying. That happened a few times. SOOOOOO I can only IMAGINE what type of MENTAL DISTRESS she is going to be in when this new album comes out and sells HALF of the last one or worse. I mean she still has fans so I know it will sell but there is no way it’s even doing 750k. Those days are OVER. And if she tours? That should be interesting also. ha ha I’m soo excited that she filmed the video because like a nerd I’m sooo excited to see her fail. Is that wrong? I just want her to realize who she really is now and that she is bi polar and needs mental help. You know cause I’m a Dr. so I totally diagnosed her from looking at footage of her on a computer. lol

  • For all Britney haters…….YA are gonna be suprised how big star she is gonna become in a next 6 mounts with her new album. I was suprised at how good it is… can compete with Justin last year album hell its even better then his.
    P.S >if you only knew

    byee xx

    your a pop sensation !

    I LOVE YOU !!!!

    my friend Laura has all her songs on her cell phone and we listen to you every day in the locker room!
    along with put up some adorable pic’s of you on some of the teachers walls

    except for those playa’ haters

    i have every cd you have ever put out in stores (including your greatest hits!)

    and your in our prayers!

  • britney rocks i have all her albums, u guys who write hateful stuff about her reallyneed to get a life!

  • Is there some kind of rule on this website that you must be in high school to comment on things? I sure hope not because I would be breaking that rule now. I just want everyone to know that the meaning of the latin phrase”pro bono publico” which is generally shortened to “pro bono” means “for the benefit of the public”. How exactly does the public benefit from this nasty whore’s new video? This story is just more evidence that everyone in LA needs to jump from a very high place with no parachute. Oh and by the way, can any of you speak fucking english? Not a single person who commented on this story used anything I can even come close to considering intelligent choices of language, not to mention that 75% of you couldn’t spell C-A-T to save your lives. Ebonics is not a real language people, it doesn’t make you sound cool and guess what, even morons like “lil wayne” know that if you want to be taken seriously (for example when he appears on sports center) you use real english. Good luck getting jobs that don’t require the memorization of the phrase “Welcome to McDonalds, may I take your order?”