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Francis Bean Looks Just Like Her Dad, Pics Pictures Photos

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  • Courtney did not kill Kurt! If you remember correctly they were seriously in love but on Heroin and that is what killed Kurt. Stop blaming her, just imagine being on drugs with the love of your life, you have a child, the press doesn’t leave you alone and whatever issues you haven’t sorted out are still clawing at you and to top it off you are able to get your hands on a shot gun. It was a fucked up situation and its a sad legacy to leave behind. Courtney is still hurt and suffering and she is a mom. Damn, I say pray for her and her child not criticize her. And enjoy the music and Hole’ they were a brilliant band too!
    Peace, Karime

  • I thinks she looks a lot like both of them (sadly i feel sooo bad for her looking like her mother also) and yeah hopefuly shes as talented as Kurt. If she ends up being as talented as Courtney then she will be a lost cause and sound like a dying cow. If Kurt Seen Courtney now I think he would be devistated because He really loved courtney (sockingly) but she changed her whole look. She was a whore then but now its more visible then before! She has so much surgery done to her she looks like a streched face whore who think she looks awesome but she looks like she is 60 trying to look like shes in her 20’s. DESCUSTING!

    Well anyway I think Frances would have been a pure Daddys girl if he was alive right now. Also if he was alive right now he would also be divorced because he was actually getting ready to divorce courtney before he died because a lot of things weren’t working out with them like one day he locked himself in a room by himself because Courtney mad him mad and she called the police and said he was locked in a room with a gun ad was suicidal and he came out of the room when the police arrived and screamed I’m not suicidal, I don’t have a gun, I locked myself in their to get away from her! She amitted that she was lying and the police left. But that was only one thing that happened. I bet he would have got custidy over Frances too if he was alive and still didn’t work things out with Courtney and devorced her!

  • Whatever the case may be with them is no one else’s business. I think its sad that people spend their time hating someone they have never and will never meet. No one knows what really happened behind closed doors and it will always be a mystery. All we know is what we are told and I personally think she is a beautiful child. She looks happy and not one bit troubled. Leave it at that.

  • Courtney rocks too. Kurt loved Court. So so stop hating and drawing up dumb ass conclusions about how she killed Kurt…because it just isn’t true, and all the Enquirer mags in the world won’t make the ridiculous fantasies about this situation true

  • This is a bit long, but if you find the story interesting, bare with me. Well, if you look at and read all the facts, it’s pretty plain that Kurt didn’t kill himself. Now whether Courtney had anything to do with it, no one knows, all evidence against her is circumstantial. There is nothing that can legally tie her to his death, but, there is a history of people dying when they crossed or left her. The bass player of hole, cleaned up and said she was leaving the band. She was sober and looking forward to starting over, then BAM, dead the night before she was supposed to leave for home. Then there was Kurt, whose Lawyer confirmed that Kurt was filing for divorce when he died. 3 Major things to do with his death that point away from suicide. 1) The only part of the “suicide” note left behind that actually made it a suicide note was not in his handwriting. 2) The fingerprints on the shells of the shotgun were smeared, as if rubbed off. 3) He had enough Heroin in him to kill him 7 times over, doctors have confirmed that it would have been impossible for him to shoot up, recook and shoot up MORE, then put all of the heroin items, away neatly, load and manipulate the gun into his mouth, and finally pull the trigger, just not possible. He would have passed out almost instantly.
    Next in line to die, the man who claimed Courtney Love offered him money to kill Kurt. He passed 3 professional lie detector tests, but then mysteriously got hit by a train.
    And finally, can’t remember his name, but the first officer on site to kurts house when the electrician called it in. He had doubts that he was very vocal about saying the investigation was too sloppy and that Homicide should be considered due to many of the circumstances.
    Kinda funny that after he became vocal about this he was killed in a car accident.
    Now, is this all coincidence, it could be, but damn. Those would all have to be pretty big coincidences beyond the fact that Kurt would have had to change handwriting(which even drunk, high or anything else, your handwriting keeps certain charachteristics to identify it as your own) and gone completely against nature and science to not have the Heroin put him out on the spot and do things only a sober person could. It’s just a fact that Courtney was not the one who pulled the trigger, she was with many witnesses at the time of his death. So once again, it’s impossible at this time to legally tie her to his death, but that doesn’t automatically make it a suicide.

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