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We’re One Today!

A Whole Year Old at Evil Beet!

Happy birthday, Evil Beet! This site was born a year ago today. Man, anything and everything has changed since then — The Beet has been about the only constant in my life over the past year — and I can’t stress enough how grateful I am to everyone who reads and everyone who links in here. You guys make my day, every day.

And thank you to Evil T and Spiteful Lars for coming along for the ride with me — you guys are talented and amazing as both writers and friends; I love you to pieces, and I couldn’t have done it without you!! Thank you also to the top-notch team at for all your support along the way.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BEET! Looking forward to many more.


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  • We appreciate you! You have the best and most funniest and accurate website of all times.. Keep up the good work on nailing the bimbos, putting heat on the evil dudes.. and applauding the good ones.. and may you be around many more years to come..
    Love and Kisses..

  • Right On!!!
    At the time I stumbled across your site (when My Box in a Box had me laughing so hard Dr. Pepper came out my nose) I had no idea you weren’t even a year old yet. Thanks for the laughs-You guys ROCK and I love your site. I think we were soul mates in another life.
    A Very Happy Birthday to you all-now don’t go getting arrested falling down drunk without any underwear on and cocaine falling off your face!

  • Happy Anniversary!

    It’s not actually a Birthday unless it’s shot out someone’s vagina. Are you trying to say you birthed this website out of your woman’s part?

    I’m just kidding, you call it whatever you want, after all it is yours…

    And we appreciate it!

  • It seems like only yesterday when you used to use pictures of cute animals instead of endless Anna Nicole Smith pictures. I wish you still did that.

    Oh well, you are still my favourite site and the one I check first in the morning. Keep up the good work!!!

  • Congratulations, you are definitely one of the best gossip sites around.
    Keep up the great work!

  • Have a Happy- you Evil Ones. This is a funny azz site. The evil beet graphic at the top of the blog makes me frown with it. Then I laugh.