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Hairspray is Here: Los Angeles Premiere Photos, Part I

John Travolta and Family, Wife Kelly Preston and Daughter Ella, at Hairspray Los Angeles Premiere, Pictures and Photos

Okay, we’re doing this in several parts, because there are just too many fabulous photos from this event. We’ll start with John Travolta, walking the red carpet with the portion of his family that doesn’t have autism. He actually doesn’t look half bad, although my guess is that the list of plastic surgery procedures he’s had in the past year is about as long as the list of available treatments for his son’s autism, should he ever choose to acknowledge it. Kelly totally misread the invite and thought this was the Valley of the Dolls premiere. And I’m pretty sure Ella is sporting hair extensions.

John Travolta at Hairpray Premiere in Los Angeles, Pictures and Photos John Travolta at Hairpray Premiere in Los Angeles, Pictures and Photos Pictures and Photos of John Travolta and Family at Los Angeles Premiere of Hairspray: Wife Kelly Preston and Daughter Kelly Preston at Hairspray Premiere in Los Angeles

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  • Usually Kelly Preston scares me because of all the crazy but I think she looks really good there. I dig that dress. The head band is great with it and she stayed subtle without going for the obvious (teased beehive).

  • Gee, where’s the oldest Jett? Not good enough take to your premiere John? SHAME on those 2!!! God they sicken me. And I used to be in love with Travolta.

  • i was there at the premeire, actually by mistake…my friends wanted ice cream across the street. but i did see mr travolta.. and up close, he was pretty weird looking. very awkward. the hair was unnatural looking. but his wife was gorgeous. : )

  • Shame on all of you. If anyone of you had ever been on the red carpet with all those flash bulbs and fans screaming after the celebrities – you’d have some common sense about why the Travolta’s never bring their children to the events – especially one with autism. It makes sense that they brought Ella to this one because she will have her on screen debut in Johns next film titled “Old Dogs” with Robin Williams. I happen to have met both Kelly and John very recently and they are incredibly nice and very sweet. Lets have some of you get your photos into thousands of magazines and see what all the people with way too much time on their hands have to say about you. You probably wouldn’t appreciate it too much. If you don’t like them then stop going to their films, but why do you feel compelled to make personal attacks on people you obviously know nothing about.

  • There is a site and it shows Travolta’s hair line wig.It is really gross too!!He is like really old now…

  • All of you who are saying mean things about John. Give the guy a break. I bet your hair isn’t perfect doesn’t mean that yours is so much better than his.

  • hey jonhtravoltafanatic my hair is better then jonh travoltas hair. it is long stright and dark brown. it is 20 somthing inches long.

  • The travoltas are a beautiful family. I have always enjoyed their movies. I did loved “HAIRSPRAY”. John and kelly are extremelly talented individuals and the people who made negative comments is because they don’t know better. I took his clothes as “it’s just fasion” he still looks cool, for his age. Your fan forever Olgui from N.C.

  • Trovolta is so ugy and sort of fat. he looked much cuter in grease. i feel bad for his wife… or should i say his husband!!!!!

  • It’s a bit sad to realize John Travolta was once a hotty, but now has a wife, kids and everything, huh?

  • I am a fan of both of them and really don’t care about his hair line. I like his movies. Yes we all get not so hot when we get older but that is life. I say congrats on staying together since 1991 hopefully they will last forever. I will say that if I see his name I right away want to know more about the movie. Odds are I will watch it. Same for Robin Williams, Tom Hanks, and several others that have been successful in acting. Keep making movies to them both because there are plenty of fans for both of them that want to see them on the big screen.

  • hey i didnt know you guys had a daughter that is totally cool and she is pretty tooo <3 xoxo email if could

  • I love the Travoltas. They are so genuinely nice and have such kind souls. I am sure their son, Jett, is not at the premier because they did not want to expose him to being over stimulated. I respect them for keeping him in an environment that is calm, peaceful and most of all comfortable.

    I have a niece with Rett Syndrom. As with any neurological disorders, the doctors make suggestions and ultimately it is the parents that make the decision on what type of treatment they will use for their child. Some people go to extremes to make their children so called “normal” with strict diets and behavior modification. Sometimes this works other times it does not and it only makes the child more miserable.

    To minimize the outburts and meltdowns of a child with autism or any brain disorder needs to be the business of those who live with the child. They know what works best even if others don’t like their style.
    Many times computers, visual stimulation from color cartoon and music videos are a great assistance in creating a comfortable atmosphere.

    I support the Travoltas just as I do my brother and sister-in-law. in how they raise their child. Some mistake shyness in speaking about a subject to someone they don’t know or trust for being embarrassed about their child. We need to respect their privacy.

  • well yeah
    john was hot when he
    was youger he still is
    and who givs a fuck bout his hair
    he is a good actress
    and has really good family keep
    up the good work john and haha yeah i got
    ur back lolz

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  • Why defend John and Kelly? Do you think they really even read this stuff let alone care? Their son just died. Now they won’t have to show him in public or anywhere else and be criticized for it. L Ron Hubbard and his legacy of Scientologist Wackos are probably relieved as well. Now John and Kelly can finally relax without feeling pressure from both sides over their Autistic son Jett. May be rest in peace and comfort in God’s hands where he can be himself.

  • You all need to get over yourselves. No one really has any right to an opinion on this because none of you know the family personally. Every family has their own beliefs. every family has their religion. It was his parents right to chose their religion. And it was his parents right to raise their child whichever way the felt necessary.
    also.. i think its safe to say Johns hair does not affect his acting ability. im pretty sure he is not a modern day Samson.

  • I love John Travolta especially in Hairspray and Old Dogs:)

    But I was really upset when he’s son died:'(
    <3 you john travolta