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UCLA Student Gets Paris Hilton’s Old Phone Number

UCLA Student Gets Paris Hilton’s Old Cell Phone Number

It is such a slow news day that the L.A. Times ran a piece on the young lady who inherited Paris Hilton’s most recently discarded cellular telephone number.

Shira Barlow had her new cellphone number for only two days when the flood of calls began.

Birthday wishes, inquiries about locations for “in” parties, requests to get on guest lists at the hottest Los Angeles nightclubs.

Most of the calls were placed between 2 and 4 a.m. on weekends. Some were annoying. Many involved slurred words.

So what sort of juicy details do you learn when you’re the possessor of Paris Hilton’s old phone number? Nothing, really, because anyone who Paris actually gives a shit about already had her new number. Instead, you’re primarily hearing from hangers-on and brown-nosers.

For media students trying to get an insight in the celebrity’s personal business, this was a dead end. There are so many fake news spread about her, it’s impossible to distinguish rumors from the truth.

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Barlow was at her internship at a Westside production company May 4 when Hilton was sentenced to jail.

In short order, calls and texts that previously inquired about parties and nightclubs were replaced by dozens expressing their condolences.

“People were scared for her,” Barlow said.

The phone traffic trailed off when Hilton entered jail, even during her brief release to home detention.

But with Hilton now free again, a new crop of communiques is flooding Barlow’s telephone.

There was Hilton’s former bodyguard who sent his love.

A girlfriend called to commiserate and lend support. Barlow told the caller she had received good wishes from dozens of people.

Text messages also expressed love. “It’s disgusting how they treated you in there, but once again you have showed the world that you can do anything,” one wrote. Said another: “I’m so proud of you.”

“I hope you’re enjoying Maui,” one of the messages read Wednesday.

Ms. Barlow took it upon herself to text some of those people back with “thanks so much,” because she thought Paris would appreciate it.

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  • How unfortunate for this young lady to be caught photographed with a RAZR, that’s so 2 years ago. The least she could have done was snagged someone’s Iphone for the pics.

    She really missed an opportunity to mess with the people who txtd her, she should have sent some fucked up shit back.

    “Thanx 4 the support, can’t talk now, gotta go take a leak with my penis.”

    You would start seeing stories about how Paris might be a man or had a penis attached in prison.

  • Isn’t the whole “Lets all take over celebritie’s phones” thing done already? And didn’t we all agree at how stupid it was? Paris’s first phone, Pete’s sidekick, and now Paris again. This chick just wants to be in the papers, badly.

  • UgliestGuy! I am not Evil, I am Sicilian. So there!

    Slow news day? This is still the top story. Oh, I guess it would be Saturday night, everyone’s still out partying.

  • She didn’t take over her phone she just got her old phone number, probably when she changed numbers.

  • hahahahahahahahahahaha to the extremeeee and i totally wuld have messed with ppl. gawd i wish i had the number.. its time to turn the tabels on paris >=]

  • haha that girl, well at least i think its a girl, is so ugly!
    she has like rabbit teeth and and huge ears and screwd up hair and a huge nose and if you look closely on the upper lip she has a mustach

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