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Larry King Lands First Post-Jail Paris Hilton Interview

Paris Hilton Larry King CNN Interview After Jail Wednesday June 27

Ladies and gentlemen, introducing the new and improved Paris Hilton.

She’s not doing NBC.

She’s not doing ABC.

She’s not doing CBS.

She’s doing CNN.

Reps from Larry King Live announced that Paris will appear on the program on Wednesday night, after her planned Tuesday release from jail. “We do have Paris on Wednesday,” they said. “She’ll do the whole hour.”

So what about the cool million we heard she was offered by NBC? (They denied they’d made that offer.) “Larry doesn’t pay for interviews or do ground rules,” says the show’s spokeswoman.

Get ready, folks. Paris is a very serious young woman now. Her global outlook has changed. The things that once mattered to her now seem petty and trivial. Expect to hear her well-informed musings on Iraq, terrorism, the AIDS epidemic and third-world economies. Everything is going to be so different. For at least a week or two.

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  • ew.. I hear Larry has very, very baaaaaaaaad breath., burps and farts a lot. Lucky lucky Paris hahaha!

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