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Courteney and David: Going Strong!

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Despite the persistent rumors that their marriage is in trouble, Courteney Cox and David Arquette look happy as ever as they leave an event at Kitson in WeHo last night. I don’t know why the tabloids keep trying to break these two up. I think they’re the real thing.

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  • They will definitely be together forever. They have the strongest marriage in Hollywood. It’s hard to name celebrity couples where both the husband and wife haven’t been divorced before without naming David and Courteney.

  • David and Courtney are the finest couple in Hollywood they are so loyal together i love them so much they are both funny and they have a happy life and family together

  • i love them so much she is so talented and totally HOT! and he is so funny and quirky and i love that she totally gets that, i cud not see them breaking up!!!

    COURVID 4EVA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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