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Shiloh Jolie-Pitt Picture with Angelina Jolie in New York

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  • Does anyone feels like this young woman (Angelina) always holds any of her adopted children but never Shiloh!!! and when she does she seems unhappy about it! what’s up with this????

  • i hope she gets prettier in time, cuz now is just another baby not the bby of the most beautiful cuple of all times!! i don’t like her, check up the denise and charley sheen baby soo preety

  • i feel sorry for shilo because her life will never be normal, and also is she turned out ugly everybody will say something about it. and we all know that 2 ugly people can make beauty full kids… but to stunning people get mostley scary kids look to the kids from elvis.. and even his gran kids are ugly, the kids from claudia shiffer and heidi klunn arnt beautoes as well.
    But who knows is shilo lucky because if you look to the daughter of hulk hogan she is nice looking.. the son i dnt say haha

  • Shes beautiful.

    wow!! I cannot believe people. Way too much criticism towards a baby. So many people like to talk about how it does not seem like Angelina Jolie loves Shiloh as much as her other children. All this criticism will do much worse to her.

  • she is so beautiful, when i piked my sis up from school there was an identical girl to he with brown hair i the style of suri holmes haircut!!!

    I WANNA KID LIKE THIS! my lips looked like that when i was little xxx

  • that baby is so fuckin ugly why did brad have to have sex with or make a baby with her and it may not be his she don’t look like him seriously im not hatin i don’t like to tell lies i don’t care who she is

  • I’m not a lyer, I always speak the truth and honest to god, Shiloh is an ugly little girl. So those of you people who keep saying she’s so beautiful and all that, please stop lying. I mean she’s not the ugliest baby in the world but sure is not the cutest, or even cute for that matter. Hopefully in time she will grow to become a pretty young lady. Until then she is in fact a ugly baby.

  • She is just a baby

    People you got to be happy that she looks happy and healthy. She is just a baby and already people are calling her names. Every body is cute or pretty in some way. Leave the baby alone

  • You are all such in human when commenting to a child.First LOOK UP TO THE MIRROR and look at your FACES, shiloh is better than you guys, she got the millions and you don’t have.

    When she grow up then you judge if she’s UGLY or BEAUTIFUL!When you’ll have your own kids in the future and someone tells you your daughter or son is such an UGLY creature what would you feel, common people get a life!!!

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