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Meryl Streep’s Daughter Looks Just Like Her


And she’s also hot. Her name is Mamie Gummer and I’m predicting good things from her. Of course it will help that momma is a 14 time Oscar nominee. Both mother and daughter are in Evening, and these are from the press conference of said movie. Evening, sadly, is a very horrible movie. It’s so sappy that you could make hard cider from it. It’s so boring that you’ll search for something sharp while you’re seeing it.

Still though, Mamie, let’s do lunch.


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  • She’s cute in a very plain sort of way. For farmer’s daughter fantasies and stuff, but she’s not really my type. I like ’em angular and exotic, Jaslene-style.

  • you know what shes hot so if you bitches wanna talk shit about mary then go ahead but when youi get your ass wooped dont say that i didnt warn and shes not cross eyed and her last name is named after her fathers last name thats every childs last nam ( meaning you name his\hers last name after the dad)Don Gummer he does sculptures!

  • I just watched Evening. I knew who Mamie Gummer was but I had never seen her act before, and when she appeared on my screen I just thought: Oh my God, it’s her mom! They look so alike! Lucky for her =)
    And just like her : tremendous actress. I look forward to following her carreer!

  • mamie gummer luks a lot like her mam and has good acting skills just like her mam.!!she is gonna take after her mam

  • Meryl Streep is awsome. Her daughter looks alot like her, but I still think Meryl looks better =) Btw, Meryl was awsome in Mamma Mia !

  • Unfortunately, she doesn’t look quite like Mary Louise. Her eyes are too close together. Same thin, shitty hair, though. lol

    • Well you must be a nasty person saying all what you did
      This Girl looks like her mother and her mother looks Great I think she is one of the greatest . If this daughter goes thru life like her mum she will Be as good if not better
      Go and get some Glasses on as you cannot see well. For you info SHE IS NOT CROSSEYED

  • are you kidding she is nothing like MERYL…. meryl is beautiful and mammie is common

  • Unfortunately she got her mother’s nose and so did the next look alike puppy off the farm, Louisa. The resemblance in Evening was truly shocking. However, I’m noticing that her eyes are closer together, which is not attractive-she is a kind of rodentine Streep.

    Streep always seemed like a drama nerd in an artistic fog. Nice, but sooo overrated. And don’t get the bleached out thin thin blonde hair’s appeal.

    • My God you poor people!! What a lot of Catty Bods you are !!
      Looks further at a Person you will see beauty in what you look at
      All you bods with you nasty remarks must be like the ole Witch in the Story looking into the mirror and probably thinking you are the bestest
      If you cannot say something nice keep the trap shut !!

  • Although A look alike but! better overall looking than mom. Keep the name. Who could ever forget a name like MAMIE GUMMER. Thats the idea, Ain,t it?

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  • Been watchin the good wife recently and immediately knew this girl must have been the daughter of the great Meryl Streep. Must be great to have a dughter who looks just like you. Especially when you are as beautiful as The Streep!!

  • Meryl Streep is not beautiful and not even very pretty, although I will say she is “striking”. That being said, same thing for her daughter, a striking look that transcends the joke god made of her face.

  • She would have been perfect as the main character in the movie The Hours. I mean, she has the perfect nose for the job. I saw her in The Project and unfortunately but true, she is cross eyed, or has lazy eyes as others would say. Maybe her eyes are too close to each other,coupled with her prominent nose, it is most noticeable. Her sister Grace is the beauty in the family i must say, and obviously takes after her dad in the looks department. Meryl’s nose is too pointy to be ever be a beauty. Too pale and her eyes are quite sharp too. At least mamie’s looks are softer as is her attitude. Meryl is almost always arrogant and ascerbic, and full of herself, mamie in contrast seems shy and hesitant when she speaks, and seems a nice young lady.