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Speaking of Ann Coulter


Not only does her hair look good. She is DEFENDING Paris Hilton. I fly a little right of the radar, on the record I think she is a bit batty, but it is shocking that she would defend the celebutard.

She does make a point though. Why isn’t Nicole or Lindsay facing jail time?

“I think the judge has Judge Ito disease, he wanted to get his name in the paper and he succeeded. And everyone around her, everyone involved in this case -0- is not going to have a story to sell to inside edition. I think that No one disputes that anyone else … a normal citizen wouldn’t get 45 days in this case. Even Nicole Richie, who isn’t a normal citizen, didn’t get a sentence like this.”
-Ann Coulter

[source]…because I was too lazy to transcribe her ranting myself….

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  • what? does she even think before she speaks? did nicole get busted TWICE driving with a suspended license? and LL may very well be facing jail time. Ann is only defending Paris because she’s white. Fuck Ann Coulter. she makes me sick. (not because of this paris thing, her previous history).

  • From CNN:
    Arguing that “probation is a privilege and not a right,” Los Angeles prosecutors filed a motion to revoke Paris’ probation stemming from her September 2006 DUI charges. Hilton pleaded to no contest in January 2007 to reckless driving charges stemming from the incident. A judge sentenced her to 3 years probation, ordered her mandatory attendance at an alcohol education program and that she pay fines of $1,500.

    But according to prosecutors, Hilton violated at least three terms of her probation. First, she failed to enroll in an alcohol education course within 21 days of her sentencing.

    Secondly, she had several traffic violations after receiving probation. In February 2007, she was stopped by LA Sherriff Deputies for driving at 70 m.p.h. in a 35 m.p.h zone “in darkness without headlights on,” and without a valid driver’s licenses. Hilton’s license had been suspended by the CA DMV in November 2006 for having an “Excessive Blood Alcohol Level.”

    Finally, prosecutors argued, Hilton failed to “obey all laws and orders of the Court,” another condition of her probation.

    On May 4, 2007, a judge sentenced Hilton to 45 days in jail for violating the terms of her probation.

    I agree that there has been celebrities who seemed to have lighter sentences for more serious infractions but I am sure that each of these celebrities followed the rules of the courts. Paris choose not to and now has to pay a steep and stiff price. Is in unfair? I guess answer depends on your viewpoint but in my humble opinion, she was given an easy probation and could not/would not comply.

    Furthermore, she could have had the term of her probation shortened by doing community service, and she refused!

  • People who express opinions such as Coulters seem to missing the REASON Paris received this sentence. She did not get jail time for her DUI, which at this point is what Lindsay and Nicole are charged with. She got jail time for violating the terms of her probation. When the sentence for her DUI was determined, it made clear what conditions she would have to meet to avoid jail time. This is perfectly normal. Perhaps other people take probation more seriously for fear of going to jail. But people who violate their probation DO get slapped with punishment, just as Paris did.

  • (1) Can’t stand Ann Coulter but she is right because (2) even though I love seeing Paris in jail, (3) my ex father in law got two weeks in jail for his THIRD DUI with a breathalyzer of over twice the legal limit.

  • I hate Ann, but she is right. Nicole and Lindsay had better get some jail time too, cause their accidents were just as dangerous, and using rehab doesn’t work any more.

  • That woman is an awful, uninformed, crazy old harpie and her opinions are not worth acknowledging in any way. Even if I agreed with her, I’d be loathe to give her credit. Ugh.

  • man, some of you people just dont’ read, you don’t get it!!!!!!!! she had MANY chances to avoid this, and she refused!!!

  • Ann Coulter is smarter than anyone who comes to and/or reads this website. That I am sure of. I doubt ANY of you know why you hate her, except of course, that you’re supposed to.

  • As a matter of fact, Laurel, I think Ann Coulter’s remarkably smart. I also think she’s a crazy, homophobic, racist, evil, famewhoring hate-monger. The two aren’t mutually exclusive, you know.

  • So Ann DOES have a real head on her shoulders and a real thinking brain!
    And compassion.

    Wish she would show some more of it. But I guess that would trouble book sales.