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Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddy Prinze Jr Whitney Museum Party Pic

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  • hi sarah michle geller i am a big fan i am 14 years old and i am a big fan of buffy the vampire slayer i was born in newyork to in longisland u guys shoold film another buffy i got all of the seasons well bye

  • Hey Sarah, I’m 20 years old and I have been a fan of Buffy sense it started, I was 9 at the time. Okay so here’s the thing I ABSOULETELY LOVE YOU!!! But I’m kind of tired of all the limited movies you’re in. I live in the armpit of the nation, not gonna lie. In Southern Illinois. So I don’t EVER GET TO SEE ANY OF YOUR MOVIES AROUND HERE AND IT SUCKS!!!! I half to always wait for the DVD release. The last time I saw you in the movie theatre was The Grudge 2 and you were in it for two minutes. So REALLY TRY AND BE IN MORE MOVIES!!! Like what about the whole Alice project I was REALLY looking forward to it and now it’s not gonna happen. Although I did hear you own the rights to that and you’re shopping it around but C’MON get to it. And one more thing. What is with all the romantic comedies and horror flicks. Ever thought about any action or Super-hero movies. I also heard a rumour you were going to be Harley Quinn in the “Dark Knight” which btw you are my favorite actress and Harley Quinn is my favorite D.C. character. But yet it DIDN’T HAPPEN…GRRR SO MAD!! So c’mon Sarah start being in bigger movies. I mean I know the whole independent film thing is suppost help build your name and blah blah or WHATEVER IT SUPPOST TO DO IN THE INDUSTRY, LIKE I KNOW? jk alright look, just be in some kind of BIGGER FILM if you can I really would LOVE to see you on the big screen again. K LOVE YA!!

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