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Guess Who Winner!


I waited a while for this…partially because of the random responses. Seriously. Doris Roberts and Ray Romano???

The winner of our guessing game.

Which married actress in a hit prime-time show has been propositioning her boyish co-star? She recently texted him while he was on vacation in Mexico, saying: “We have chemistry – I really think we could make it work.”

Is our reader lolly. your punch and pie is in the mail.

# lolly Says:
June 6th, 2007 at 1:33 pm e

i’m gonna guess jenna fischer from the office and bj novack!

I will be on top of this little item and hopefully figure out really who it is. My vote was always Jenna and either BJ or hottie John Krasinski.

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  • Well that doesn’t mean Jenna Fischer’s not hitting on him. Hell, she’s married. And doesn’t one of Quincy Jones’ daughters play his girlfriend on The Office? I assume he’s dating the other one?

    I agree, though, I’m not convinced this is the right answer. I think Lolly’s on the right track, but we should definitely keep digging.

    Also, T, that is possibly the best picture of the cast of The Office I have ever seen. Good find.

  • I think that John K. and Rashida broke up. I read awhile back that they HAD dated, so I took that to mean they were no longer dating. hmmm.

  • Jenna Fischer injured her back rather badly and is still recovering from it. Not really the best time to pick up a new f*ck buddy, is it? Especially since she’s probably just lying around, completely still at home with her hubby.

  • It’s my birthday today, I feel so special! :O)

    well then, jkate, what’s your guess?

  • Ha, happy birthday Lolly! Out of respect for your birthday, I promise not to write anything nice about Courtney Love today. :)