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Samantha Ronson Strikes Again

Samantha Ronson and Nicole Richie

As if being the arguable secondary cause of Lindsay Lohan’s DUI (LL’s alcoholism being, of course, the primary cause) weren’t enough, DJ Samantha Ronson is apparently friends with Nicole Richie, too.

Folks, I think this girl’s probably a drug dealer.

Also, what’s with the peace signs in this picture? Are they making fun of Lindsay’s signature pose?

With friends like these, man …

samro_nr1.jpg samro_nr.jpg nicole.jpg

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  • in her defense, she claims to live clean, no drugs, just focus on the music. and she does come from a talented, stable, loving family, so i can believe she’s not the trouble everyone’s making her seem…i get the feeling lindsay’s people are trying to pass the buck

  • What year is this? Nicole looks like she jumped by into 1988 with the jean shorts, the hair and bangs and glasses.

  • wow!!!! samantha ross is ugly she looks like a man!!! iuuuuukkk she looks llike she is sick of her head bein lesbian

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  • too bad he can not have the penis he missed ou at birth.

    samboy go away quietly and play with your plastic toys (including lindsey whorelan).

    lezbos are great fun to watch with little risk of lez gene being past on to future samboys.

  • How smart of some of you to believe everything you read!

    Do you know Sam personally can you really say she does drugs or is into all of this bad shit? No

    So I’m going to believe in the good and not the bad and most def not what these stupid mindless assholes say.

    Sam is beautiful and talented and I love her to death. If you don’t like her don’t fucking read about her. And back the fuck off.

    Stupid ignorant gossip columns!

    Go to hell!

  • que asco que sean lesbianas wacala aparte esta horrible para linsay lohan pero cada quien..

  • that sick..poor confused people god didnt intend it to be like this..a man and a woman are ONLY supposed to be together..dont come out of the closet resist temptation!!it will only lead to heartbreak and disaster…most of ur friends wont like u anymore, and youll be seen as a freak…stay straight:)

  • i totally agree with anonymous, and its good that someone has the guts to say something about it. DONT come out of the closet, ask god 4 forgiveness and he will help u out

  • okay…i LOVE samantha!! keep doin what ur doin girl! and Lindsay has always been a favorite of mine. STOP reading into all the dumbass rumors..they are STUPID! Do u really know whats going on? no.. so shutup. lindsay and samantha<33

  • I luv lindsay sooooooooooooooooooooooooo muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh for her to date a lesbian and of all samantha. wel,its all good that her life. but lesbianism has eternal consequences. God is real,Heaven is real, Hell is real. Beleive it! im not a religious person but you go find out these things are TRUE! I love Lindsay!

  • I think that everyone should mind their own business! I think that Lindsay and Samantha are great together. Personally, I have been married almost 25 years to a great guy, with 3 kids. My church doesn’t support gay people. That being said, if they are happy, more power to them!

  • Estupidas no tengan asco
    eso de ser lesbiana para alguien asi
    es natural
    nada puede cambiar
    es como aorita tiene asco de Samantha Ronson
    a una lesbiana le da asco un hombre
    no seas estupidas
    x dios
    y ya dejen de joder
    is ella se enamoro
    dejenla q sea feliz
    no x sus esupideses va a cambiar

  • Hazel you are right.

    Be who you are and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

    Make your own happiness.

  • I love samantha jones!!! I wish I could be her girlfriend. she is so cool more then a boi.. she rockssssssss

  • lol..yes, i will stop being a lesbian because some narrow minded people tell us not to be!,

    get over it people.. there are gays in this world..AND WE LOVE BEING GAY, so shut the f up

    have a nice day

  • you should research before you post — the sign with their hands is well-known as a lesbian symbol (peace sign turned around — with the back of your hand showing, not your palm side). another one is the star — hence all the star tattoos on ronson.

  • por favor xd ! ke gente más cerrada de mente xd ! una dijo que hacemal ser lesbiana xdddddddddd porfavor xd es cosa de cada persona (: está vida es para disfrutarla y para ser feliz y punto ;)

  • LiLo es muy guapa, y aunque me parece muy bien que le gusten las tías no me gusta nada su novia…! Pero bueno, no podemos hacer nada, hasta van a casarse… xD


  • I love Lindsay and Samantha they’re so damn hot and great for each other!!!!!!!!!

    All you bitches stop hating!!!!

  • Hey everyone,

    Can anyone please please help me??? I wanna know what Jacket/Blazer is Samantha Ronson wearing in this picture (Grey one)? I have tried to look out for it everywhere but no luck maybe i’m not looking at the right place.

    I really wanna get it or something similar but don’t know where to get it from.

    Katherine Moennig (from the L word) also wore exactly the same jacket.

    Please somebody help.


  • Ronson looks rank, i don’t think i’ve ever seen a more repulsive “girl” ever…she looks like Steve-O from Jackass which quite honestly is an insult to him. Nicole Ritchie is a state aswel, what a massive waste of space she is..the world would be much better if her dad just cut her off and no-one ever saw either of them again.

  • wow, beet, you’re kind of a bitch.

    not the funny cool kind.

    also, being gay isn’t a choice, it’s just how you are. the idea of god wouldn’t HATE anyone for being themselves.

    also also i’d love to get some of those accessories, they’re hella cute.

  • Anonymous and 4 sure:

    You’re retards. Go kill yourselves.

    As for everyone else:

    I’m not that preachy kind, y’know the ones that piss and moan about all the rumors going on about Lindsay and Sam, but seriously, what’s the point? The way I see it is this, your own life is so fucking meaningless and boring, that the only way you’ve been able to make it semi-enjoyable, is to bash other people for what they do in THEIR lives. What the fuck? How ignorant ARE YOU?

  • And it’s not just what they ACTUALLY do, it’s what they usually DON’T do that you start shit about…It’s…It’s retarded…and it just pisses them off, that’s what makes them hate the media and their fans even more….

    Dammit, people…

  • why can’t people leave them in peace.. ok they’re famous doesn’t mean they alwayss need paparazi about.. they like stalkerss :/

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