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Calum Best Is Wise


Good call Calum.

“I’m a bad boy. I go out and get drunk, I get high on cocaine and I do stupid debauched things with the wrong women. When I’m high I do wild stupid shit. I’m a red-blooded male and I’m addicted to sex. I don’t have to be like my dad, but I feel his blood running through my veins. I need to sort out my problems before it’s too late.”

So you have figured out the problem. The next step I think is to get some help. Maybe check into the same rehab as your girlfriend so that you can get some lovin while you know, trying not to kill yourself with booze like your dad.

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  • who the hell is this deadbeat loser anyhow? i never heard his name till i heard lohan and him like the sex and the coke together.