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More Pictures of Lindsay Lohan in Rehab

Lindsay Lohan in Rehab picture

Thanks to our trusty photo agencies, we have even more pictures of Lindsay Lohan in rehab. These are supposedly from her first day.

Lindsay Lohan at Promises picture Lindsay Lohan at Rehab Photo Lindsay Lohan at Promises Photo

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  • let her party, let her puck, let her o.d. who cares, and that goes for Paris & Britney too. Let me know, when they become a blood stain on the road. i’m sick of all this publicty

  • We all ought to be ashamed. We take these young people away from normal childhoods, stalk them with cameras, critique their every move. Not one of us could bear up under the pressure as adults – yet we expect each child to do what we can’t. Behind each of these youngsters are parents. Where are they? Especially now, when recovery is being sought (an adult behaviour), Lindsay et al need even less scrutiny so that they might focus on getting better and getting a grip on their lives. Again, I say, SHAME ON US!

  • Oh please, Give me the money she’s making and watch how well I handle the “pressure”. Besides, can’t be that bad when you only hear of maybe 10 actors out of all of Hollywood constantly making headlines for doing what spoiled, “entitled”, talentless eye-candy mimicks idiots like Lohan, Spears and Hilton all do. Besides, Pocopat, I’m sure you know many of their publicists call ahead to make sure the photogs are right there to keep the clients in the headlines. Furthermore, no one forced any of these children into the most high-profile clubs. Now, if they were being responsible like a majority of their peers, we’d get a photo here and there, enough to keep them “newsworthy”. Oh, and by the way, they aren’t getting the huge bucks just for “acting”, the publicity they receive from this “awful scrutiny” is what gets them interviews, endorsements, etc. These “youngsters” are grown adults who, by the way, will never have to worry about starving while putting themselves through college, struggling to pay med bills, who will watch the kids just so they can pay rent, or having to work very unglamorous and thankless jobs. Shame on us?? Shame on them for taking this money in good conscience! Everything comes with a price, and they knew that when they signed up. Lets see how living a “normal” life would work for these idiots. Call me when they all self-destruct and leave an opening in the world for people with some substance.

  • Sunny you are kidding yourself. These kids are thrust into the spotlight at a very young fucking age and exposed to a scene that you could never even comprehend. Sure you say you could handle all the money and fame but at 10 years old when some of these kids have started making movies and attending movie premiere parties and award ceremonies and so on. I personally think the hollywood parents are to blame. The parents who push and push these kids into the industry.

  • OMG! In the movie “I know who killed me”, Lindsey Lohan is a nastey ass stipper, who has a twin somewhere in god only knows. She is so discusting that its not even funny. The same goes for Britany Spears and Paris Hilton, thay are also nastey ass freaks! One can’t even take care of her own kids! And Paris hilton can take her god-forsaken rat of a dog a shuv it up her natural born white ass!

  • I was just talking with my coworker about this yesterday at Outback steak house. Don’t know how we landed on the topic actually , they brought it up. I do remember eating a amazing chicken salad with cranberries on it. I digress…

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  • Sunny is absolutely right. Theses stars make money off of everything that we read in the tabloids, so don’t think they’re innocent victims. And as for being shoved into the industry a young age, so what? So was Raven Symone, Amanda Bynes, Sarah Michelle Gellar and a whole lot of other young actresses who aren’t getting coked up and trying to run people over with their cars.

    But, then again Raven and Amanda are not as popular as the coked up hacks, because being coked up is what gets you on the news, right? These girls are surrounded by parasites ( parents included) who will throw them under the bus to keep the money coming.