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AmIdol to Kat McPhee: “We’re So Over It”

Katherine McPhee Not on American Idol Finalie

Despite selling more albums than Taylor Hicks, Katharine McPhee was excluded from the celeb-studded Idol finale. While other folks from her season — Elliot Yamin, Taylor Hicks, Chris Daughtry and BFF Kellie Pickler — were asked to perform on the finale, Katharine was not.

“Katharine called them herself, trying to get on the [finale],” says a source. “She’s really hurt.”

I can’t imagine why Kat was excluded. Her album’s debuted at #2 on the charts. She’s signed with 19 Entertainment. She was on People’s 50 Most Beautiful list. Why on earth wouldn’t they want her. Thoughts?

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  • See, I’m pretty sure she’s signed with 19, which is AI’s label. So I just can’t figure it out.

  • Maybe a diva attitude? Kat was quoted as saying she didn’t like her first single. Might be a case of tough love from Clive.

  • Idol seems to crap routinely on their females. Then again, AI SUCKS, so none of this should come as a surprise.

  • shes just a spoiled lil rich bitch and her daddy tried to buy her the win on american idol.. hahaha but didnt work and i am so glad. get over over it they dont want you so move on!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • shes just a spoiled lil rich bitch and her daddy tried to buy her the win on american idol but HAHAHA it didnt work. stop crying get over it and move on!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Diva attitude, bad CD, bad stage presence, not a perfromer, constantly disses AI by saying she’d puke if she ever heard the AI song again. Did not listen to the producers for the type of music for the first TV. Thought she was a star before she actually earned it. Should I go on?

  • What does it matter anyway, Kat was great, and probably always will be. Maybe she would have stolen a little of Taylors Thunder if thats what you want to call it. I feel they should have let her on, just another thing for people to hate about AI. You know that she should have beat Taylor just as Clay should have beaten Reuben.
    Maybe Star Search should come back next year instead, lol.

  • Kat is not a diva. The producers, Nigel and Ken, love her. Simon says if he could see any idols back on the show it would be Kelly and Kat. Simon also said that when he met Kat again this year that she was one of the few Idols who were grounded and that fame has not changed her.

    Kat has NEVER dissed Idol, on the contrary. She sings its praises, and she is on good terms with the show and with Clive and her label, which is RCA. They even invited her to come talk to the contestants earlier in the season, and she did, even granting Idol an interview with her.

    They used her song to announce the top 24 girls…She has done nothing wrong that would give Idol cause not to give her a spot on the show. This doesn’t make any sense

  • The actual “FINALE” show featured the Idol “winners” only. So, if she was calling them trying to appear on the finale show, that could be why. But…if she was simply wanting to appear on the show at any point during the Season 6, then I don’t understand why she was told she could not.

  • To the person above, she was not asked back at all this year to our knowledge. Her management probably felt the finale was her last chance to get some promotion from an Idol appearance. But nothing has really been confirmed. The so called “source” to Us Magazine is a bit sketchy.

  • I have no idea what she is like in person, but Katherine is very beautiful, a great singer. However…her first place wasn’t really deserved…daughtry should have won that, and i think he and some others from the same season deserved to be in the final more than her.

  • Heeyy.. youre the one’s whose confused…Dont you get it?? Do you think these people are winners?? (Elliot Yamin, Taylor Hicks, Chris Daughtry and BFF Kellie Pickler ) except for Taylor Hicks of course.. Well for me, she’s a great singer, with a fac of an ANGEL.. so pretty.. you people are just jealous of her.. ya’ll think can’t sing as good as her? Cant you?.. As for, she the one that I’ve been dreamin of..Now i aint neva had a girl that was so fly,
    other guys come around, you acting so shy,
    you got em shaking in their boots, and i know why,
    cuhs they cant handle the truth and thats no lie,
    as for me, im the one that you been dreaming on,
    & wen yu saw me im the one that yu were steaming on,
    & when yu need it im the shoulder that yu would be leaning on,
    take off that guchi and keep them vickie sneakers on,
    lets take a flight because the world is our playground,
    and buy houses from the lou, to the A-Town,
    its silk sheets so its soft when yu lay down,
    ching-a-ling yea, i get down, and stay down,
    theres no one better baby girl you’sz a blessing,
    you got me heading in a positive direction,
    you got my vote, when yu re-up for election,
    cuhs all i wanna do is give you love and affection… Kathy.. I LOVE YOU.. ^_^

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  • She is and always has been an insecure, fake bitch with rich parents. spoiled brat. not nice to anyone.