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Lindsay Drunk and Puking

Lindsay Lohan Drunk and Puking

She’s just so fucked up out of her head that she’s puking, only two days after her DUI. Addiction is a complicated disease, but spotting it is not, in Lindsay’s case. A normal person would be like, “Holy shit, I got a DUI. That is a really horrible thing. I could have seriously injured myself, my friends or someone else on the road. Man, drugs and alcohol are making a mess of my life. I’m going to walk away from them for awhile.”


She and SamRo — who was basically the cause of her DUI — were out partying at Teddy’s late Sunday night. These pictures were taken at a gas station around 4 am Monday morning.

Lindsay. This sucks. I know. Get help, please. You don’t need 28 days at Wonderland or Promises or an outpatient program — you need to get your ass to a rehab in Arizona and stay there for a few months. There’s another way out of it, I promise. It doesn’t have to be like this, girlie.

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  • This is what’s so scary about LL’s situation – that she has such horrible people around her. She’s a mess, no doubt, but my God, no one is intervening in this young woman’s life to HELP her. That she would go out again, the next day and night? What kind of seriously, SERIOUSLY messed up to hell world to live in is that? She is in particular form of hell, man. Hollywood Hell. No joke. I can’t stand her as a person, but as a human being in dire trouble without any decent person around her strong enough to break those horrible binds…sad, sickening, scary … you know, it should be a crime to aid and abet this behaviour. And people who supply drugs should be tried for murder because they are participating, aiding and abetting the death, albeit slowly, of a human being. I really feel like we’re watching LL die and it’s not a good feeling. I don’t usually say this, but I would pray for her.

  • Haven’t we ALL done this kind of shit at her age? Hey…I’m no fan, but c’mon.

    As a recovering heroin addict,I have a pretty good feel of who should/shouldn’t be in rehab.

    I don’t think SHE should(go to rehab). DUI….did it a million times. The WORST thing I’ve ever done. That’s a different story and there is NO excuse for driving while intoxicated.

    But she needs to go through her party “phase”. Snort lines, drink,whatever. If it DOES become a full blown habit…different story. But that is always different for every young person. And only time and experience will tell.

  • I think that this is not a bad example for young girls, however it is a lesson to actually show them what can happen when you have lots of money and do not really have Jesus. Lindsay has falling pray to temporal gratifaction of filling up that empty space in her life with Drugs, alcohol and sex. Just as Absolom said there is a time to live and die the most wise man on all earth had everything he ever wanted and found out if God is not a part of your life you will find your self trying to make your self happy through these bad ways like getting drunk and high for a 5 minute pleasure. These types of please ware off and that same emptyness will not go away with self medications. it will only go away when you realize there is someone higher then you are who has your life in his hands. though you do not acknowledge it he is the onle one who could ease you of your loneliness. Linsay probably did not make any goals or things she would like to acomplish in her life and right now she is obviously not mature enough to care. Acting is not filling that space and neither are the people who she is hanging out with. Lindsay all I can say is when all else fails try God he is th only one who can bring you out before it is too late..
    Love Dena

  • This is horrible! I have a 9 year old daughter that thinks that Lindsey is all that and more. How can i possibly explain to her what is going on with her Idol? Lindsey should have never allowed this to happen knowing that such young children look up to her. As far as I am concerned we will never watch or go pay money to watch Lindsey ever again. She has totally blew it

  • lindsay, i love you!! ur like my hero. and i know that you just wanna have fun and heck ur a celeb…thats wut u do.. ha id prolly be doing the same thing. but there are ppl who look up to you and dont like wut ur doing!so maybe u should tone it down a notch!! party hard…

  • Lindsey, if anyone can relate to what you are going through it would have to me. I was never famous but I was left fending for myself at 15 because my parents got divorced and were too distraught in their own lives to recognize what I was doing: getting drunk, having sex, smoking pot, snorting crystal & cocaine. This went on for 7 years. I ended up with 2 DUIs and many bad memories. Lindsey, my advice to you would be to just step back from the huge party scene which is a lie anyway. You can see for yourself that it hasn’t gotten you anything but a world of trouble and pain. Jesus is the answer and you can take that to the bank! Everything you ever needed to know about life is in the Bible. Just try it. What do you have to lose?

  • I think it is lame that so many people turn to drinking then they drive that is so stupid. Yet they get away with it. Ive lost so much respect for her she used to be someone I looked up to.

  • why do so many people get away with that….. Why isnt there designated drivers for celebs since they do get everything else…. Whats next they’re going to drink and drive and hit someone..?

    When is this going to end

    Paris hilton and Lindsay lohan…. Why do there friends even let them drive after drinking…

  • Okay so maybe Lindsay is an addict, and if so, I hope she can get the help that she needs. Addictions affect millions of people all over the world. So, getting over the drug aspect of this and similar situations, the argument remains that Lindsay is a bad influence or role model for young girls all over the world- so, she is. People need to get over it and decide not to look up to her then, nothing is forced. Also, as far as these pictures go- they are extremely funny to see- this stuff happens- even to (oh know….) 20 YEAR OLDS!! If people were taking pictures of me constantly there’d be tons of these in existence and I’m still a good person. Worse things have happened…we need to stop harassing people with money, problems and addictions and start focusing on issues that matter and that actually have solutions.

  • I am praying for Lindsay and I pray she kicks her problems and comes to know Jesus in her life.

    Romans 10:13:

    For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.

  • I thank all these people who are trying to communicate to this girl that Jesus is the way. i feel like marching across the country and banging on her door and tell her to come stay in boring wisconsin for a while…she needs it. i see my own friends at school (i’m 15) who party every weekend and get drunk. it makes me cry cuz i don’t know when i’m gonna see them next. they could be dead tomorrow in a drunk-driving accident. you people are right, lindsay does need different friends around her. i wish she was my friend, maybe i’d have a chance to help her…but i think all we can do is pray. God bless~

  • Lindsay –

    Come to my secret undahgroun labnatory, and I will cure you of your addictions. You may not walk for a month, but you will be cured.

  • I find it profoundly disturbing that people care (we’ll call it “care”) for a person such as this. There are people without food. People without clothing and a place to live. There are children in Iraq dying of cancer due to radioactive materials leftover from the first Iraq War. Innocent people are killed daily for money, oil, and other bullshit commodities. The “care” I referred to above is nothing but an addiction in itself. Our culture has developed a pathological, voyeuristic impulse that is not only pathetic in its manifestations, but supremely dangerous as well. The sickest part is that most people, deep down, seriously hope that a person like Lohan sinks lower and lower. If this “girlie,” as the hack who writes for this site refers to her (as if they’re longtime neighbors or co-workers), were to seriously clean herself up an entire nation of wide-eyed, panting, and aimless sub-humans would seriously consider suicide. Maybe we should all stop trying to live vicariously through so-called “successful” people, stop trying to cash in on their rises and perpetual falls from grace, stop lowering ourselves into an abyss of meaningless trivia, and attempt to reconnect to our selves. Anyone up for regaining control of our minds, bodies, and nations? It’s almost as if our evolution from simple hominids reached a high-water mark in the late 1960’s (as if there were any real gains there) and slowly began a process of devolution and regression.

  • she is so fucked up first of all she is drunk and second of all she in drugs and you will see in 3 years shes is also fucked up by her vagina and with sida.. im teling lindsay dont fuck to much at california..

  • eric you are so fucking funny let me tell you just some words: motherfucker asshole bitch thats even more funy BITCH!!!

  • For christe’s sake, the girl is an adult! She is old enough to drink! Everyone parties hard in their youth! It doesn’t make her a bad person. Cut the girl some slack, she’s still young!

  • Honestly………….she should get a fucking grip.

    so many people look up to her and she does all this crap. There are so many other stars that dont do this shit and are under WAAY more pressure than her.

    dont care what you lot say but she is a silly bitch imo

  • 1. Not everyone parties when they are young.
    2. Religion will not solve all of your problems for you; Hard work and smart decisions just might. However, if its the only thing keeping you from becoming a perpetually intoxicated thoughtless irresponsable hedonist, then maby you should stick with it.
    3. “True wisdom comes to each of us when we realize how little we understand about life, ourselves, and the world around us.”
    4. I’d hit it ;-)

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