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More Details on the Lindsay Lohan DUI: Lesbian Lovers Spat and COCAINE!!!


OMG you guys this is SUCH A FABULOUS STORY!!! I’m so sad that so many of you are away for Memorial Day and not GLUED to your computer screen following this story the way I am. Because I’m a loser like that. Whatever. Okay, to the dirt:

So Linds started Friday night at Les Deux. (Well, it was midnight by the time she got there). She left at 2 am, and went to a party at Nick Hawk’s house (the guy that runs Koi). Apparently she got in a fight there with her rumored lesbian lover, DJ Samantha Ronson. In the video, you can actually hear Linds as she leaves the party (at the 2:52 mark on the tape), saying “Fuck that goddamn lesbian girl.”

Then she goes to Skybar at The Mondrian for about 45 minutes before heading back to her condo. I guess Samantha Ronson met her there, because she was spotted leaving Lindsay’s building on foot around 5 am, and Lindsay, with a male friend, followed her in her car. She caught up with Samantha as she was in the median of Sunset Boulevard, and the two were screaming, with Lindsay reportedly saying “You fucking lesbian bitch!” to SamRo. Samantha eventually got into the car, and they headed down Sunset until Lindsay ran into the “curb.” And by “into the curb” they mean “over the curb and into a fence.” Check out the video.

So then Lindsay’s bodyguard shows up, around the same time as the cops (responding to a 911 call), and drives the car back to Lindsay’s condo, where it was later towed and impounded by the police. For whatever reason — because he was drunk, retarded, or just hates Linds — it didn’t occur to him to remove the cocaine from the car. So the officers inspecting the car after it was impounded found the narcotics.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha …

Lindsay’s going back to rehab, unless she’s going to jail.

See how cool drugs are, kids?

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  • Astounding trivia.. Lindsay doesn’t like to sleep alone, and her F****** L****** bit** doesn’t want to be her punch pillow either! Should have left the girl alone Linds.

  • It is only a matter of time before one of these overgrown babies kill someone on the streets. She needs to go to jail like the rest of the population would after all of her charades.

  • Are we going to push this child into the same hell we made for Britney? Fame, huge money and the fishbowl….We wish the worst on them and when they deliver the goods we are are all standing in line to stone them. I was never a Ms. Spears fan until she became a mother. I saw a young mother that loved her child and was turned into a montster because we demanded it to be so. I bought the tabloids weekly for 20 yrs and loved them until I saw what we did to this young mother. I will never buy another. We played a huge role in her meltdown.

  • I’m a b**** myself for watching this video!
    You are an evil genius Beet! ;)
    And Linds, do your rehab thing, put yourself together and if you decide to go lesbo… get a decent girlfriend and not that ugly Ronson girl!

  • Linsday Lohan needs to goto jail, next time she might actually kill someone. She needs more than help for her problems, she needs to be taught a lesson!

  • Stitch, you’re an idiot. Samantha Ronson is an amazing and attractive woman. She’s the one who needs a better girlfriend than Lindsay.

  • you’re all a bunch of idiot fools for watching this celeb gossip and making their lives miserable. why not *gasp* have your OWN life experiences and video them instead of watching other people do fun things. These people don’t ask to have every second of their lives photographed. A little mystery behind a celeb is way more intriguing than knowing everything about them.

  • Neither of them needs to get a better looking girlfriend. Shut up about that and stop being so shallow! Life ain’t all about the looks! And, besides, they’re both amazingly beautiful and I love ’em both!!!