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Johnny Depp Tokyo Pirates Premiere 4

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  • It is entirely immature, shortsighted, and wrong for you to insult Keira Knightley. She is naturally thin, and may be thinner due to stress because of her almost constant work. Keira’s extensive stunt work and acting would not be capable if she had an eating disorder. Sometimes these things just happen. And how can she ‘be busy not eating’?

    If she is an insecure person, she is being made more so by people such as yourselves. If the media did not track her anywhere it would probably help her gain her weight back and help her over come her insecurities. She is a wonderful actress, uniquely honest and forward, and not at all afraid to say the truth. The fame and celebrity gig must be very hard, so please, give her a break, and stop in insulting her.

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