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4 Out of 5 Doctors Agree: Joe Francis Is an Asshole


The Smoking Gun got their hands on a letter from a psychologist, hired by Francis’s defense team to meet with Francis and determine his general condition. In general, he’s miserable and he wants to kill himself, and that makes me happy. Also, according to the doctor, he’s a pathological narcissist. AHHHHHHHH ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!!

Loves. It.

“Girls Gone Wild” boss Joe Francis has been having such a rough time in a Florida jail that he recently told a psychiatrist that suicide was a possibility if his imprisonment was prolonged. The porn impresario, who this week finishes a 45-day sentence for criminal contempt, also told Dr. Ronald Markman that he was being housed with “all murderers” in his section of the Bay County lockup. “I started freaking out and screaming, I couldn’t breathe,” said Francis. “I don’t think I can handle this on a long-term thing–I’m not a criminal.” Markman, hired by Francis’s defense team, interviewed the 34-year-old late last month and drafted the below report, which was filed Friday in U.S. District Court in Nevada. Markman concluded that while Francis was “clinically stable,” he demonstrated “significant psychiatric issues” for which he has shunned treatment due to embarrassment. During a two-hour interview, the inmate appeared to minimize his drug and alcohol use, Markman concluded. Francis denied using pot, claimed to have tried cocaine only a few times, and said he had one drink per week. He also copped to trying mushrooms.

All three pages of the letter below.

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  • I am a pretty decent judge of character and looking at all his legal problems Joe is an open car trunk and a bag of candy away from being a full blown pedophile in my opinion.

    With that alone he deserves to be “dipped in brown gravy and locked in a room with a wolverine on angel dust.” (Borrowed from George Carlin)

    But with that a side, you really cannot dislike the guy for what he does concerning his videos. 90% of the girls know what their doing, and do it willfully and so they get their cunts in a knot once they sober up the next day and realize what happen and then it occurs to them that while in their drunken flunitrazepam daze they made the biggest mistake of all and signed a release form.

    And hey, that’s their stupid dumb ass fault.

    Sex sales, plain and simple and Joe makes his fortune from such a simple human desire that goes back over one-hundred thousand years ago.

    It’s hard-wired inside each and everyone of us, if you don’t like what he does then don’t buy the fucking videos.

    It’s pretty simple, but do you think Joe cares if you buy his videos or not? NO, of course he doesn’t because he know for every 1 person who doesn’t 100 others will.


  • Joe needs to be put in a box and left alone in a deserted location with only water and a bible.