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Ricki Looks Awesome!


Ricki Lake, who initially became famous due to the fact that she was a big girl, is now about half her former size. She says that she lost her weight in a healthy way and went from 250 to 123. She looks adorable and I’m interested to see what her next project is.

Nobody goes on the cover of US showing off their bod unless they are trying to sell something. Wonder what it is?


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  • Didn’t she lose weight before through having her stomach stapled? So why believe her this time? Oh wait, why care? I’ve typed too much.

  • No, she actually did some retard diet that puts you on the cusp of organ failure, like what Margaret Cho did around the same time. She looks good now, surgery or not. I love Ricki!

  • She has said in interviews she starved herself the first time. this time she did it naturally, her boyfriend is a personal trainer! and the project she’s selling is a movie about the business of giving birth.