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Cameron Diaz: “We all suffer when Paris suffers.” Heh. [Cele|bitchy]

The celebrities you’d most like to bang. And not with a hammer. [Pajiba]

Brooke Burke is still hot. [Derek Hail]

Carmen Electra wrote a book called How to Be Sexy. Now if only someone could lend her a copy of How to Stay Married she’d be all set. [Jordan]

Um, Victoria, why were you shopping at Abercrombie & Fitch anyway? [Celebrity Smack]

It’s not enough for Dina Lohan to live vicariously through her daughter’s fame; now she’s using it to land herself on TV. [The Blemish]

K-Fed calls Britney‘s new man “trash.” [Celebslam]

Jodi Sweetin is back on the smack. Time for a serious father-daughter talk. [popbytes]

Akon is sorry for that whole “simulated rape” thing. [DListed]

Kate Moss in a see-through dress. [Drunken Stepfather]

Nick Lachey throws down. [POTP]

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  • Akon is sorry for that whole “simulated rape” thing… That’s why he’s done the “simulated rape” thing at least twice, at two different shows.
    I think he’s sorry he got caught and now he’s apologizing.