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It’s a Lovers’ Spat for Lindsay and Keira


Those of you who have been waiting patiently for the Lindsay Lohan/Keira Knightley lesbian scene you were promised in their upcoming flick, Best Time of Our Lives, will just have to pull out the Vaseline and your Wild Things DVD and keep waiting. The ever-reliable Lohan dropped out of the Dylan Thomas biopic just days before filming was supposed to start. You know, because she’s not an addict, and everything is totally under control.

Keira’s mother, Sharman Macdonald, wrote the screenplay for the film, and Keira is reportedly “furious” with Lindsay for dropping out of the project. Lohan was slated to play Thomas’s wife, Caitlin MacNamara, which would include a lesbian sex scene with Knightley. There’s been no formal comment from Knightley or Lohan’s camp. However, rumor has it that Sienna Miller is taking over Lohan’s role, so there’s no need to be too disappointed, guys. It’s not like they went with Rosie O’Donnell instead.

Side note: I found this pic of Lindsay in Tokyo from April 13. That girl is still wearing that Foreigner t-shirt. Too. Damn. Funny.

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