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Alec Baldwin Not Winning Any Emmys for His Fathering Skills


I don’t often feel dirty about writing the celebrity gossip pieces I write. If Britney Spears wants to get trashed out of her double-chinned little head and go out for the night in a short skirt and no underwear, I’ll run the pictures and I’ll write about it and I’ll laugh. When Paris Hilton wants to drive on a suspended license, or Richie Sambora wants to leave his wife for her best friend or Cameron Diaz smokes a joint, I look for the funniest angle and I write about it and I move on with the rest of my day, preoccupied predominately by how I might best acquire pizza and/or a cupcake. So it’s weird that I feel dirty running this story. But it’s quite a story.

TMZ — God bless them — tracked down an audio file of a message Alec Baldwin left on his 11-year-old daughter’s voicemail. You can listen to it here, but be prepared to cringe. Alec has some pretty harsh words for his pre-pubescent daughter, whose worst crime appears to be not answering her phone. And it’s not a quick reprimand; it’s a two-minute, profanity-laced diatribe. “You have insulted me for the last time,” he says. “You don’t have the brains or the decency as a human being — I don’t give a damn that you’re 12 years old or 11 years old or that you’re a child or that your mother [Kim Basinger] is thoughtless pain in the ass … You have humiliated me for the last time … You’ve made me feel like shit, and you’ve made me feel like a fool … and this crap you pull on me with this goddamn phone situation … I’m gonna straighten your ass out. I’m gonna really make sure you get it. So you better be ready to meet with me … I’m gonna let you know just how I feel about what a rude little pig you are. You are a rude, thoughtless little pig.”

Ugh. I get shivers when I hear this. I can only imagine how scarring it would be to find this message on my voicemail when I was a girl her age. No wonder she never picks up.

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  • I imagine him drunk and in underwear while he’s saying this…and it’s way hot. God, I’m going to hell…

  • The guy’s a monster, and I just hope that poor little girl can forget this. But when your parents speak to you like that, it is extremely hard to get past. I doubt she will ever forget it.

  • I all for Alec Baldwin tearing a new asshole in his daughter. This is a man that is interested in seeing his daughter, she should be so lucky that he didn’t just zipp up his pants and walk away after he piss in her kim basinger’s pussy.

  • There seems to be a serious double standard going on here. Chris Rock attempts to establish what his legal obligations vis-à-vis a child he ostensibly never sees, and we laud him as a Ward Cleaver’s second coming, but Alec Baldwin leaves a nasty message for his girl, and he’s the monster? The quote that stands out to me here was “so you better be ready to meet with me.” I didn’t see anything in the Chris Rock story suggesting that was even a possibility under his apparent two-point parenting plan: (1) find out how much he will eventually be legally for, assuming paternity, and (2) start cutting checks (or instructing an attorney or financial advisor to do so for him). We salute you, P.C. absenteeism!

  • Reading and hearing this message I’m reminded of my father, he sounds mentally abusive and out of control. I think calling a young girl a “pig” is disgusting, what is he implying? What could this young girl possibly gain from a relationship with such an angry, hurtful individual?

  • ^ I agree. We all have fits of temper, I’m sure, but one would hope a responsible parent would use those kinds of words….especially over something like not answering the phone. maybe she was in bed!

  • My dad has yelled shit at me and I’ve yelled shit at him. It happens. It didn’t mess me up and my dad was not a monster. People lose their tempers. If there was a camera on us 24 hours a day, what would people think of our lives? The bad would be so picked over.

    We don’t know what lead to this. We’ve heard stories for years that Kim Basinger has tried to keep the daughter from him and has played a lot of games and then this v/m gets leaked.

    Fuck I hate TMZ and their believing they are printing responsible journalism. It’s tacky and shouldn’t have been publicized.

    I love this site for mocking TMZ. Keep it up. At least mock their terrible writing.

  • …get a clue Baldwin. You seem like such a CAD!!! Oh boy, how proud a little girl would be of a father like you, ( I am being facetious of course) (…& especially now that EVERYONE is aware, I’m sure she compares you to the daddies of her chums, & wonders if any of them speak to their little girls as you do yours. Perhaps you need to get a little pocket dictionary prior to using a word – & if you cannot think of any other word than pig or the like – I suggest you insert the word LOVE until you’ve had the chance to find one in your little book that is not going to hurt your little girl’s psyche,(which by definition is”THE HUMAN SOUL, THE MIND”). Perhaps by that time you’ll have COOOOOOLED down & remembered how much you once loved Kim, & that your precious girl was conceived out of LOVE.
    You might get around to talking to your son, Stephen. (Maybe he’ll do some praying & set you straight – perhaps the world will pray for your conversion – or at least for you to have the ability to show LOVE & FORGIVENESS).
    You know, I’ve heard…sure your family sits around at Thanksgiving or other holidays bragging about which one has the biggest mansion, the biggest bank account, the biggest ego, & what you all had to do to get it. I certainly FEEL for your daughter, AS IN SORRY.
    Hey, this kind of reminds me of when I was young – the name calling, the verbal abuse – started about the same time as your girl’s age. Oh, it got worse. She’ll grow up hating herself & you…and her mother for allowing it to continue. She’ll lack self esteem & getting along with others & making her way may end up being quite difficult.
    A daughter’s daddy —— is oh sooooooooooo important. It’s up to you.
    By the way, I very well could have used foul language to get my point across to you,——- because I have heard about you & other things —– well you need a miracle, Alec. Perhaps you can start by reconciling yourself to — (you know WHO). Lots of luck —- cause you are going to need it.

  • …..also, have you heard the song that has been out for sometime – I am not sure of the songwriter nor the singer – yet it goes something like ……………….
    ‘father’s be good to your daughter’s
    daughter’s will learn as you do………
    girls become lovers
    turn into mother’s….
    so mother’s be good to your daughter’s too

    Sorry there is so much missing on there…but you catch my drift.

    P.S.If anyone knows the singer/songwriter could you please post here.

  • The phone message does not mean anything unless you know the context. It sounds as if the father is at wit’s end after trying to contact his daughter many times. I wouldn’t use words like “pig,” but we really should not judge without knowing the context. I think it was inappropriate to leak this message out. The person who did that is not helping anything.