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When I Say Manic, You Say Depressive


I really like Dave Chappelle. I loved his movie, Dave Chappelle’s Block Party, and I think he’s one of the more interesting humans to ever appear on the Oprah show. But check this noise out:

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Now that he’s back on the standup circuit, Dave Chappelle has a lot to say. The comic … shattered the Laugh Factory’s endurance record by taking to the comedy club’s stage for six hours and seven minutes on Sunday.

SIX HOURS. Imagine that. Being funny for six hours of comedy. That’s not even human, or possible. It’s inhuman. And impossible. Yet the guy did it. Instant diagnosis? He’s a stark raving mad fellow.

Now for the good news. I Love that. The best comedians of our time aren’t well adjusted in the slightest, they’re loons. Chappelle is currently the best in the business, I just wish I’d been there to see it. It’s something I would’ve actually told my grandchildren if I hadn’t preemptively written them out of my will so long ago.

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  • Did he use the “N” word in the 6hr set?? You know the Laugh Factory has banished its use under their roof……….Something tells me that he did……..and something also tells me that they didn’t do a damn thang about it $$$$$$$$

  • if he did use “nigga”, he’s more than justified to use it. I’m sick of you WHITE PEOPLE acting as if it bother you so much. Please that’s a bunch of SHIT, when you pay “40ACERS&A MULE”feel free to use it anytime you want to. You see if you WHITEPOEPLE pay what you owe ,then like anything else you would have total rights to the word , and its uses. So, now that you had someone to explain it to you I want you to let your WHITE friends read this so that then can begen to understand what the problem is,andhow we can fix the this gap between the two races,and move on. If your asking your self how it can be done, that will be in my next blog.

  • Niger this, niger that…first let’s understand that the origin of this word comes from the ignorance of slave catchers who visited the country of Niger one day and pronouncing the “g” like “guh” instead of “juh”. So these dumbasses thought that anything by the way of the Gold Coast were “Nigers” and that’s how they continued to identify them once they were brought to the states. if you had dark skin, you were obviously a native of “Niger” and therefore you were a “Niger”. Now that we know the details, if you are not from “Niger” (ni-jhere), or definitely know someone from Niger, then keep being a dumbass.

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