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Haven’t Had Enough Larry?

I hate that this is the second post about Larry Birkead but here are some photos from his shoot with OK Magazine. I have to say that he and Danni look beautiful together. I guess he and Anna were secretly engaged. No matter what this is a beautiful child and I hope somebody can get over the hype and actually take care of her.


Gay Larry update via TMZ
UPDATE: In reference to the National Enquirer stories, Larry tells OK! “Both stories are totally untrue. I understand that’s part of the celebrity game that people will say anything for money. He was a friend of a friend of mine and has a picture of us standing next to each at a party. That’s it. We haven’t spoke since but now that he can some money for the photo he’s making up a story to sell it. As far as having a baby, I’ve never seen any documents saying that I fathered a child before Dannielynn.”

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  • Don’t even comment on all that nonsense Larry! Just raise that beautiful baby that resembles the woman that you’ve loved, and much blessings to you and yours.. and i do mean that. I luv U Anna.