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Finally, Someone Who GETS Pageants

Check out this dress. If you look closely you’ll see people hanging from poles.


Mexico City (AP) The floor-length dress is accented with crosses, scapulars and a sketch of a man facing a firing squad.

No, this is not a joke, this is Miss Mexico’s dress for the Miss Universe pageant.

I don’t usually predict these sort of contests but I’ve got to tell you… She’s a shoe-in!

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  • So seriously you were watching Miss Universe…and commenting on the dresses…maybe you and Larry Birkhead have more in common than I thought.
    JK…I really want a dress with people hanging on the Mexican border. Seriously…is that how she wanted to represent Mexico? I think she should have dressed up like a bit Tequilla bottle….or a bottle of Pacifico Beer.

  • Her dress, though garish, rocks tremendous ass. Only Miss Israel sporting an Uzi and wearing a dress depicting the cluster bombing of Lebanon could top that. OK, well, maybe Miss Germany with an Auschwitz scene.