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The Prince is Single Again!

Prince William and Kate Middleton have ended their four year relationship igniting the hopes of many a young girl who has had a crush on the young prince. Sadly, many people in England were eagerly awaiting the day these two would have a lavish royal wedding like that of Princess Diana.

Nobody knows the actual reason for the split but The Sun has reported that William and Kate were under a lot of pressure and William was wanting to focus on his career. William is set to dedicate the next few years of his life to the military after graduating from Sandhurst Military Academy.

The couple have been dating since they met at St. Andrews University. Kate is followed by the paps wherever she goes and I think that might be a huge reason for the split. Princess Diana was such an icon and to be the next Princess is a huge responsibility for any young woman.

Next up! Who is Prince William dating next? Me I tell you ME ME ME!

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  • ooo god that’s so promising, I still have a chance!! XD yeah right…but well I just hope he’s not brokenhearted, well if he is I may console him hahaha so yeah I’d like him broken hearted and comming to my city in a strange trip that not meny knew about and have an affair at least :P

  • She should call Jennifer Aniston. Those are two women who dated/married at the top of the food chain. They have nothing to date but down. I still can’t feel sorry for them but…………

  • Well, some relationships will end for a good cause. If two hearts are meant to be, fate will bring them back. Maybe, they will be reunited someday…who knows? But fi not, perhaps they’ll find someone they truly deserve. Well, let us see what will happen!!! Maybe, William is meant for me…hehehehehe…