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Gawker Editor Emily Gould Gets Her Ass Handed to Her by Jimmy Kimmel


This is painful to watch. Honestly, it hurts. Watch as Gawker editor Emily Gould gets ripped to shreds by Jimmy Kimmel, standing in for Larry King. (It doesn’t seem to be embeddable, and I can’t say I blame them. Props to Em for putting it up at all.) Jimmy takes her to task for their “Gawker Stalker” maps, which are probably the coolest fucking thing in the world, and which have been copied by plenty of different websites. One such map accused Kimmel of being drunk, when he was, in fact, walking home with his aunt after a one-year-old’s birthday party (?). And how terribly unfair of Gawker, then, to insinuate that a man who once hosted a show entirely about chugging beer and ogling women might, in fact, be inebriated. What has Kimmel done to deserve such misunderstanding?

Page Six, absolutely fucking gleeful to watch their nemesis go down in flames, managed to take a break from their Gawker-got-called-out happy dance to pen a scathing and totally unnecessary item about the flogging today. It’s really fair how Page Six brands Gould’s defense of herself and her employer as “haughty.” You know, you never hear that term used with a man. A male talking head in the same situation would have been “striking back,” “aggressive,” or even just “explaining himself.” Emily Gould? She’s “haughty.” Fuck that. I watched the tape. She wasn’t haughty, she was sticking up for herself. There was nothing haughty about Gould in that interview.

In fairness, Gould was clearly not expecting or prepared for this line of questioning. She handled herself well under the circumstances, but she could have prepped more thoroughly. She was blind-sided, that much clear by her face, and someone more experienced would have responded more calmly.

Kimmel makes the statement to Gould that he doesn’t “know why anyone would buy advertising on a website.” As Gawker points out later that day, perhaps Kimmel ought to ask the marketing folks at Jimmy Kimmel Live why anyone would buy advertising on a website, as the show recently bought ads on both Egotastic and The Superficial. Cute.

I dunno, I lost a lot of respect for Kimmel after watching this. He was in a bad mood, and I suppose he was trying to prove he could do “serious” television, and he really ought to have picked on someone his own size. His points don’t hold up. Celebrities these days know what celebrity means. You went to those auditions, Jimmy. Walked there with your own damn feet. You pitched those shows. You wanted to be a big star. You wanted people to write about you. People write about you now, Jimmy. Take the good with the bad, asshole. The Man Show did those candid segments that fucked with real people’s lives. I bet they didn’t all think it was as funny as you did. Oh, and remember how you left your wife of 14 years, with whom you had two children, for Sarah Silverman? Just checking, Mister Morality. Stick to sports and drinking beer and ogling women, Jimmy.

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  • Jimmy Kimmel makes me wanna puke. I would love to see that little temper tantrum destory his career… (like he fucking deserves) But no such luck since Americans as a whole seem to embrace blowhard hypocrites.

  • I missed this! Wow, what an asshole! I haven’t liked him anyway because I’ve heard he was picking on Rosie O’Donnell when all that fighting with the Donald started. I saw him on Dancing with the Stars tonight and he wasn’t even funny there either. Thanks for posting this.

  • Kimmel’s lazy, and unfunny as his faux-shock girlfriend (whose gotten so many chances at stardom it’s unfathomable), but he has a point — clearly she’s a leech, Gould, perhaps, should’ve come clean. There’s nothing noble about her site, or US Weekly, or Perez Hilton for that matter. It is opportunist; a chance to quench the perverse thirst of a public that demands to feel superior to those better off, if for only a moment. Whether the public’s at fault or those delivering the drug is not really the point. She should be ashamed, period. And personally, if I was peddling porn, a moment of reflection wouldn’t be absurd.

    p.s. I actually read this site because I like the writing, you are very witty …

  • Al-
    Get a grip, dude. The success of magazines like US Weekly and sites like Gawker or Perezhilton is due to the fact that America as a society has elevated celebrities to the status of Royalty. Of COURSE everyone wants to see them and watch them…um, I’m pretty sure that’s why they chose to be celebrities in the first place…to be seen and watched. It is only the American Way that Emily Gould is following….in this country, you have the freedom to make money however you can (legal ways only, I’m meaning). And while sites like Gawker are legal, she has the freedom to pursue her career and make MILLIONS of her subscribers happy. If you don’t like the way this country works, go live in another one. Jimmy Kimmel’s brain is so bloated w/ beer nuts and booze that he sounds like a raving idiot trying to tell her to leave the celebrities alone. Um, ok, yeah, we’ll all do that…and then see how you like it when no one goes to your movies or posts comments to your websites. Give me a break. He embarrassed the hell out of himself as far as I’m concerned.

  • Emily Gould of Gawker.cnt is an overeducated asshole with a mouthful of cum. She sucked off her daddy whenshe was 16 to get a new car from him and she become quite adept at the fellatial arts. Gobs and gobs of thick greasy jism from rich and powerful men have slithered down her throat.

    The goddamed cunt has a fat wide stinking cheesey ass. Pull down her panties and count Jimmy’s handprints on her fucking fleshy smelly butt! I always thought Jewish people (blessed in their vast suffering) prided themselves on maintaining a clean pink cocksucking asshole. Overeducated whore Emily should learn to wipe her stupid filthy goddamned asshole! Maybe they are offering a post-grad course in Asshole Cleansiness at Brown next summer!

  • I left out for the sake of space and time a learned dissertation on Emily’s massive green clitoris. We call her pickle clit. Just another reason we consider Emily Gould to be a top American no-talent sloppy slush fuck!

    Anybody out there ever nail this Crazy Cunt? She likes guys to eat her cunt when she’s menstruating!

  • You asked for it, Emily. To take a line from Q (Star Trek: the Next Generation), if you can’t take a little bloody nose, go home and crawl back under your bed. Jimmy certainly can.

  • Kimmel might be a tool, but he was doing the Lord’s work here by putting that Valley Grrl in her shallow place. Look at her eyes blink like the dumbest sorority sister ever.

  • You know what, I’m gonna be the mediator here, I CAN actually see both sides of the argument.

    I can see the freedom of being able to see where celebs are at the moment as a cool new technology, and it may, if used correctly, actually prove useful someday (for agents, collaborators, fans etc)
    But also, I think privacy should be an undeniable right.

    So I find myself conflicted on this issue.

    But one thing is undeniable: Jimmy Kimmel was a complete unnecessary asshole. She’s doing her job, and no matter what you think about it, it doesn’t give you the right to invite someone for an interview, and gang up with a bunch of old republican farts who are paid to argue any point you give to em.

    Jimmy Kimmel, I won’t lie, I’ve never liked him. In fact, I think he’s a smug little prick.
    Wait a second…a little off topic, but, cad, do you usually talk about the lord when you’re bashing women?…that just fills me with the light of god right there. You’re a freakin prophet man. Let me tell you, if I knew who you were, you’d have a fist in your face right now.
    I’m not a Christian. Never have been, never will be. But does your God really hate women that much? Well, I guess I’m a Satanist then.

    The real issue here is obvious. Kimmel’s trying to boost his own image by making someone else look awful. And that’s just what he’s always been. Awful.

    You know I could make someone feel like shit real bad if i wanted to, but the difference is I’m a bigger person than that.

    Jimmy Kimmel could have argued the points without saying half of the rude crap he said. And something tells me that the only reason he had those old farts with him is so he wasn’t the only one who looked sexist and rude.

    I don’t CARE about the argument over privacy, but if anyone defends Jimmy’s performance in that interview, then that person has very messed up morals. She’s in front of millions of people, not being told she’s about to be attacked, and then ridiculed, cut off and thrown out at the end like a piece of trash. Screw you, Jimmy Kimmel. I hope you drink plenty of beer in hell.

  • Didn’t bother watching the video, so excuse me if my points are off. With that said, does it really constitute the entire “sexist” argument? Can’t one person rip another person just for being a douche? I like how we can write people off as hammered drunk jagoffs because they portayed it on television. Apparently that’s his MO all the time. If they have the right to stalk Kimmel, then he has a right to tell them to fuck right off. The idea that we own celebrities because we make them rich is brilliant.

  • How long until we see a Hugh Hefner sex tape? Hahahahahahahaha. Think about it? All of these “girls next door” women are making them. If I were Hef, I would want my piece of the action. The guy is like 89 years old or something. I bet he still has it in him. What a way to go out. He would be the rockstar of the sex tape world. An 89 year old man showing up some 20 somethings in their tapes. Maybe he should do one WITH Karissa Shannon. That would be something.

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