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Late-Night Links

Liz Hurley’s newly minted father-in-law hates her. [Cele|bitchy]

Entourage is back! Hooray! To celebrate, here’s Emmanuelle Chriqui’s nipple! [Jordan is Your Homeboy]

Robert Rodriguez wants you to know that the fact that he was mounting Rose McGowan in her trailer during the filming of Grindhouse has nothing to do with his divorce. [Agent Bedhead]

Keira Knightley is dating an Orlando Bloom lookalike. [Bree]

Paris Hilton couldn’t find anyone particularly controversial to have sex with this weekend, so she’s opted to dye her hair brown for publicity instead. [Monica Monroe]

Kelly Ripa gets her outtie ripped. [INO]

Paris Hilton’s lawyers would like bloggers to stop insinuating that their client has “loathsome diseases.” Okay, that’s fine. In the future, we can just refer to Paris herself as a loathsome disease. [DListed]

Explain to me again why we need to photograph Lindsay Lohan’s mother on the beach? [IBBB]

Halle Berry doesn’t want anyone talking about that one time she tried to kill herself, and she is going to remind you to stop talking about it until you stop or until her movie hits theaters, whichever may come first. [Defamer]

King of Queens is still on? [SOW]

Is LC dating American Idol contestant Chris Richardson? Those reality kids sure do stick together. [Girls Talkin’ Smack]

That Jenna Jameson could really stand to lose a few pounds. [The Bosh]