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It Was Not Kim Kardashian’s Birthday This Weekend


The Internet appears to be all abuzz tonight with news and pictures of Kim Kardashian’s Paris Hilton-free birthday party at TAO Las Vegas on Friday. For the record, it was not her birthday this weekend. Her birthday is in October. TAO’s marketing folks came up with this idea of a “Princess Party,” where they’re going to grab various socialites who “have it all” and throw parties for them because that just seems like an appropriate way to celebrate the fact that someone is ridiculously spoiled to begin with. (Although I suppose it’s still more hygienic than throwing a Sons of Hollywood premiere party, which is what TAO did on Saturday night.) Kim was the biggest damn star they could get for the first one, and they tacked on her sisters as co-hostesses, for reasons that continue to baffle me. To lower the star quality, perhaps? Just dilute it a little? So, anyway, that’s why Kim was at TAO this weekend. And I don’t know where Paris Hilton was on Friday night, but on Saturday night I saw her in the bathroom at Mood, staring at herself in the mirror and whining into her cell phone because they wouldn’t let her friends into the club.

Anyway, just for fun, here’s a bunch of pics of Kim at TAO this weekend.

kim_k2.jpg kim_k_sisters.jpg kim_k21.jpg kim_k3.jpg

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