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BREAKING: George Clooney Pays $20 For Lemonade!!


The Associated Press scooped everybody on this shit. Take that, People magazine. Angelina Jolie exclusives my ass. We’ve got George Clooney being a nice guy at a lemonade stand. Also, guys, is it just me, or are George Clooney and Taylor Hicks slowly morphing into the same person?

TOBACCOVILLE, North Carolina (AP) — A group of kids on spring break thought setting up a lemonade stand near George Clooney’s movie set might be a good business move. They were right.

The star paid $20 for his lemonade, which 10-year-old Carter, 6-year-old Chandler and 5-year-old Chase Fontaine were selling for 25 cents.

Clooney made his way over to the lemonade stand Wednesday afternoon after shooting scenes for “Leatherheads,” a movie about the early days of professional football that he is directing and acting in.

The boys’ mother, Courtney Fontaine, offered Clooney the lemonade for free. He had posed for pictures with her and some other women.

But Clooney insisted on paying, sending someone over with a $20 bill. Chandler enjoyed telling people afterward that Clooney’s representative didn’t want any change.

Before long, Carter had made another sign that read, “George Clooney was here!” and planted it at the road.

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