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Late-Night Links/Hallelujah!!

I finally have Internet in my new apartment! Hooray!!! On a related note: FUCK TIME WARNER. Okay? FUCK YOU, TIME WARNER. It feels good to get that out. So things should be settling down to something approximating normal around here. As normal as we get, I suppose. Late-night links are back in late night. Enjoy.

Lindsay and Hilary bond over their shared hatred of Paris Hilton. [A Socialite’s Life]

Are the American Idol producers actually hoping Sanjaya will stick around? [popbytes]

A Christmas Story director Bob Clark and his son were killed by a drunk driver on PCH. [fishbowlLA]

Why diet when you’re rich enough for liposuction? [CityRag]

Keith Richards manager says the rocker didn’t really snort his father’s ashes. [The Blemish]

Last week’s Project Runway auditions were short on auditioners. [Celebrity Smack]

Uma Thurman’s rack isn’t looking so hot. [POTP]

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