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Thora Birch’s Dad Wants to Watch Her Get it On


Sheesh, and Lindsay Lohan thought her father was bad. At least Michael Lohan has been safely in jail for most of Lindsay’s adult life, unlike Thora Birch’s father, who has been completely free to watch his 25-year-old daughter film raunchy sex scenes. Jack Birch, who is also Thora’s manager, insisted on being present on the closed set of The Winter of Frozen Dreams to watch the filming of her sex scenes with Dean Winters.

Said one on-set source: “It was so wrong. The director is saying, ‘Harder! Faster!’ and the father is giving [Dean] Winters the thumbs up.” Because it is industry practice for sex scenes to be filmed on a closed set, the production crew was hesitant to allow Birch’s father on the set. But “all of a sudden, the front door is being kicked in. Her father was threatening to kill the assistant directors. Then he threatens to pull her from the movie with three days of shooting left.” Filming the scene took fourteen takes. “It was the most bizarre, perverse scene,” said the witness. “One girl on the crew broke down crying.”

While Birch and Winters’ reps failed to return calls, the statement from the production company, when asked if Birch’s father stormed onto the set, kind of says it all: “We have no comment on that. We just want to focus on the movie.”

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  • It might be relevant to mention that her father is a former porn star… still highly inappropriate behavior, but it explains some of the madness behind wanting to be on set for the scene of his daughters first ever sex scene.

    Thora’s mom was an even bigger porn star, Carol Conners. As the legend goes, they met on the set of Deep Throat.

  • It’s not actual sex, its a film. It’s not uncommon to have friends / family bystanding if u film such things….

  • Maybe he just wanted to see if she remembered everything they practiced at home. The family name is at stake. ‘Deep Throat’ is a tough act to follow.

  • It may be common in Hollywood, but it is not normal. Is he her agent as well as her father? Then he had a legal right, but not a moral one. They should have let him pull her and got someone else, even better, they should have picked someone else in the first place?