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Lance Bass Writes Brilliantly Titled Memoir


Okay, okay. Lance Bass wrote a memoir. What is it titled? You have thirty seconds. Go.

If you didn’t guess Out of Sync, you were thinking way too hard. Of course that’s what he titled it. Because, seriously, how much gayer could a title get?

At all of 27 years old, Bass is planning to release a tell-all memoir for release this fall. The book will talk about his experiences with *NSYNC, his training as a Cosmonaut (although he never actually went to space, because MTV, who was supposed to foot the bill, pulled out), his decision to exit the closet in a very public manner, and his then-public relationship with Amazing Race star Reichen Leimkuhl.

I have to admit, although it’s easy to mock Lance for doing this, it’s a hell of lot more respectable than appearing on Dancing with the Stars (isn’t that right, Joey Fatone?). And Chris Kirkpatrick? I don’t think I’ve heard that name since Eminem was rhyming it with “you can get your ass kicked.” So props to you, Lance, and good luck with all this.

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