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Green Sex

The Canadians are a bit bizarre sometimes. Now they have come up with a concept of “Green Sex.” You too can “get it on for the good of the planet” with a few helpful suggestions from

You can get it on nasty style without sacrificing your environmental integrity with a whole line of eco-friendly sexual toys and accessories. has come up with a “Eco-Sexy Kit” that allows randy couples to go green during their intimate moments. This kit includes a “phthalate-free vibrator, soy massage candle, a natural lubricant with no animal-testing or derivatives, and condoms.”

Going further if you really want to be sure that you keep yourself getting it on “Greenpeace Style” TreeHugger recommends,

Turning out the lights, not buying PVC or vinyl accoutrement’s, ensuring S&M paddles are made from sustainably harvested timber, using organic massage oils, showering together, using bamboo bed sheets (they come from a rapidly renewable resource and are said to be “super sexy”), and wearing lingerie made with renewable fibres such as hemp (Enamore), bamboo (Butta) and other organic goodness (GreenKnickers, Buenostyle, Peau Ethique).

If this hasn’t turned you on already check out VegPorn.Com. It is a porn site for veggie lovers. Seriously. One of their slogans is “Eat pussy not pork.” Wow. I need to take a cold shower…then eat a steak and drive an SUV.


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