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Celebrity Ho-Names

So when celebrities check into hotels under fake names what do they use? Have you ever been curious. Well the folks at PageSix Magazine are here to the rescue. It is actually quite funny going through these lists of aliases.

Angelina Jolie- Miss Lollipop
Jennifer Aniston- Mrs. Smith (um, ok..)
Val Kilmer- Thomas Paine
Paris Hilton- Tinkerbell (ya that’s not obvious)
George Clooney- Arnold Schwarzenegger
Bono- J.C Penney (isn’t that where you can buy his shirts?)
Britney Spears- Bella

Overall these are a bit weak. My favorite is that I guess Johnny Depp checks in as both “Mr Satan” and “Mr Donkey Penis.” How classy.

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  • Every time I visit this website I loose my assurance that everything written here is real. But even if it’s not true, I keep on visiting it because it’s interesting. There are many posts which you can’t find anywhere else.

  • i loveeeeeeeeeeeee johnny depp and i haeart johnny depp you all of you guess what johnny depp has a wife name ugly stupid vanessa pardis she is a beast

  • Whoa Laura Depp, that’s a little freaky. How about you calm yourself, as it is highly unlikely that Johnny Depp will ever return your feelings, let alone leave his gorgeous wife and beautiful kids. Perhaps taking some time to work on your grasp of the English language will fill up all those empty hours you are using to act like a creeper and obsess over a celebrity. Or, God forbid, you could cultivate your own relationships with people you actually know….I know, crazy ideas right?! Get a life.

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