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Rosie, Leave The Cute Ones Alone

Sources at Page Six (I have sources too but they mostly deliver my cable bill) have revealed that Rosie O’Donnell is in another tiff. The issue was an on-air disagreement between O’Donnell and Elisabeth Hasselbeck over the government’s right to monitor private citizen’ phone conversations. Elisabeth is all for it.

Liberal O’Donnell responded, “Elisabeth, you are very young and you are very wrong.” Hasselbeck accused Rosie of ageism and broke down later off-camera. ..Sources told us the insult was the last straw for Hasselbeck. “Her days there are numbered. She is looking to leave,” said the spy.”

Sadly Rosie is right on this. The whole “land of the free” thing shouldn’t just be in a song. But be gentle Rosie, show this girl the light, don’t let her leave us. She’s not bright but she is cute. In this day and age where most people on television are neither let’s bust out the kid gloves, eh? Now, if you want to go after Babwa you have my full support. Rock her.

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