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She’s Not That Innocent

Ok, so this is just getting ridiculous. Antonella “Blowjob” Barba will be kicked off “American Idol” very soon…just my prediction.

This girl loves to have people take naughty pictures of her. This isn’t no normal trashy drunk Jersey girl having a few too many on Spring Break…these photos just keep coming. A lot of these look like Antonella was trying to get herself a spread in Playboy.

I promise you that this girl will be in the porn world very quick. She’s the #1 search on the internet right now and “someone” just posted a whole website of Antonella photos called

Some of these photo shoots are so weird. I think she is naked in a fountain at some kind of monument. How or why she did this remains to be seen. The girl is a total exhibitionist of Paris Hilton proportions. If poor Frenchie got kicked off for her naked pix this girl should get the boot pronto.

At least she’s hot. That is really all this poor girl has going for her.

Ed Update: POTP just pointed out that, in the first shot, she’s reproducing the Jessica Simpson Rolling Stone cover. Good catch over there, Joy!

Ed Update 2: HOLY SHIT. That last one? Guys? The last one there? That’s the WORLD WAR II Memorial. I am not fucking kidding you. CLASSY!

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