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Anna Nicole Meets Oz

Watching the Anna Nicole body snatching trial on Cnn and Msnbc is just brutal. The judge is like nothing I’ve ever witnessed in a courtroom, a complete jackass, completely unintelligible.

It’s not that he’s speaking in legalese either; it’s these weird tangents he goes off on. They have nothing to do with the trial. For instance a few minutes ago he started talking about the first female judge in Broward county 20 years ago. When you figure out what that has to do with where/when/how Anna Nicole’s remains will be handled please let me know.

He also asked Birkhead if filing a legal motion to obtain paternity tests a year back would put “stress into Anna Nicole’s body.” Again, what does this have to do with anything? No one knows.

The judge is the typical South Florida NYC blowhard. He’s so happy to be on TV he’s almost drooling. I hate this guy. He’s turned what’s already a circus into Goddamn fiasco.

**Update** Actual question asked to Birkhead “Was Anna Nicole Smith the love of your life?” This has a legal bearing.. why? It’s good TV, sure, but how again does “love of your life” factor in to the law of the land? Does whoever has the most passion get to cremate her? The best part of that question is it didn’t have to be answered because it HAD BEEN ANSWERED PREVIOUSLY. That’s right, now they are repeating the crazy talk in some effort to have the Florida justice system barred from the land.

The Bodyguard gets called. “Did Anna Nicole have mood swings?” The judge asks this. Because of the little known section 1142.b which stresses mood swings and how they relate to your final resting place.

“Was Anna Nicole on drugs? How many road arrests have you made?” On and on into infinity.

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  • They needs to go ahead and bury that woman.She’s probably black now from sitting out soooooooo long.What the hell is wrong with these people.Bad things is going to come to them.I think her mother should get her body since Anna is her child.That damn lawyer,agent,or whatever the hell he is needs to fuck off!!Please bury that woman!!Oh yeah that judge needs to go to hell.

  • I think that the state should take custody of the baby, while they muck through the paternity tests. Only then should they have a trial to figure out the litigation of the matter. Burial it’s obvious where she wanted to be buried next to her son. Mom can have them moved at a later time, once things settle. But the baby is the most important. Until they figure out what really happened to Anna and Daniel she needs to be removed from that household.