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What’s Going On With Her “Boo’s?”

With all of us bloggers writing countless stories about Britney Spears many have forgotten about her “boo’s”, her little baby boys Sean Preston and Jayden James. Many have asked the question, “who is taking care of the babies while Britney is in rehab?” Now I guess B has checked herself out of rehab but for those 24 hours according to Larry Rudolph, the hardest working manager in show business,

“The kids are being well taken care of.”

Awesome, give the public what they want. Way to elaborate Larry. Britney has sole custody of her babies so even if she goes into a treatment facility she designates the person who in in charge of taking care of her kids.

Contrary to many reports, Kevin doesn’t want to have full-custody of the kids he just wants his visitation rights.

Here is an interesting look at Britney’s support system via People.

As a youngster, Spears had “a terrific relationship” with her mom, says former agent Nancy Carson. But a relative says: “Britney and Lynne have had some problems lately and they weren’t speaking for a while.” Now, though, they’re talking again.


Spears’s little sister cried when she heard about the singer’s meltdown over the weekend, says a friend. The two are tight; Spears calls Jamie Lynn, 15, frequently.


Spears’s dad has had his own battles with alcohol. A family member in Louisiana says Spears doesn’t always stop by his home to say hello when she’s in town, but Sunday night before she entered rehab, the two dined together and had “a heavy conversation.”


The two spoke by phone just before Valentine’s Day, and he canceled plans to go to Las Vegas last weekend “to physically be in L.A. if Britney or the kids needed him,” says a friend.


Her longtime manager parted ways with her after she wed Federline, then returned and orchestrated her well-received behavior when she filed for divorce. He helped with the intervention that led to rehab.

Hopefully one of these people will step up and save Britney. If she really has checked out of rehab I don’t know who can save her.

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